Another impromptu winging
I used to be strongly 'lone wolf' as in I would go out alone every time and never had successful night with wings. Until recently (wrote about it here) but then it happened again this weekend.

I was at a club not really feeling into it because I had been thinking a lot about how my mood is starting to be affected by validation again. Can I still have fun if I'm not getting laid? I don't know, so I wanted to try but old habits die hard and I found myself picking up while trying not to.

I start off by just being social and meeting everyone. I introduced myself to some guy sitting quietly by himself, but I know he's been there before. We chatted for like 30 seconds when I notice 2 lovely ladies walk by so I stop mid sentence to stop and say hi to them. It was automatic, no thought went into it.

But my brain kicked in and was like "Dude, that was really rude to your new friend" so I kinda froze, forgetting what I was going to say to the guy next and then forgetting what I was going to say to the girls next.

"uhmmm this is my friend M" I said and brought him into the convo.
"I love your shoes" he said awkwardly to the less attractive girl
Well one thing lead to another and we were each making out with one of the girls (although nothing more happened). I went on to close 3 more girls that night while still trying not to. Whatever.

Two OKCupid successes and a failure that ended with sex
My usual okc pattern is 1. chat on the site and move to texting asap. 2. meet for coffee later in the week. 3. second date at my place where we make the beast with two backs.

This week has broken all my usual rules.
Girl 1: We moved to texting like normal and spent the day talking there while I was at work. By time I was off we agreed to say screw the public date, let's just hop in bed. We had tons of rapport and attraction so it just made sense.

Girl 2: The girl I was already banging (FR here same as above) was over one time and during pillow talk she said "You know you messaged me on OK Cupid once? I thought you were creepy so I flagged you... sorry babe". That made me laugh. I guess online game isn't my strong suit but I still got her in the end. I went back to read what I sent her (it was in June) and it seriously doesn't seem that creepy to me. Weird.

Girl 3: This one escalated fast, we viewed each other so I remarked that it's like being at a party and you catch someone checking you out... but you were totally doing the same. She agreed. So our convo went sexual almost immediately, we were sexting within 20 minutes and making plans to meet at my place for sex within about an hour of my opener.

Some lessons to get from this post
Never underestimate the power of introducing people
A rejection now can still be a lay in the future
Don't be afraid to break your own rules if the circumstance fits