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trying to get college chicks at 38 years old is a hell of a challenge. I bet that nick was closer in age to her and that was probably the main reason she chose him over you (of course don't be jealous or let it bother you)

age is a double edged sword. on one side of the coin, if you're young you still have that youthful energy, whereas if you're older you have experience that the youngsters simply don't have.

from my observations, the guys who do best in a club environment are the ones in their mid to late twenties. (and of course that doesn't mean you can't get women at age 38, heck Hugh Hefner is in his 70's and still getting mad pussy.)
Well that's the thing. I'm not exactly sure how my age is affecting the equation. I don't look anything close to my age. My body is as toned as any frat boy. I'm not balding or grey headed. I'm definitely not an old creeper. Age has never come up in conversation except when I brought it up once to bust on little dude.

I have no doubt that I have engaged in a herculean task and I have no delusions. I have a strict don't ask, don't tell on ages and keep that out of the convo and it hasn't come up yet.

As far as that gi choosing Nick goes, of course he draws the pussy. He's thier age, good looking kid. I'm not offended at all. She was just some drunk chick playing games and never ioi'd me anyway. It was typical club stuff.

To me, picking up women is the end game, but simply having a good time, making social connections, etc.. that is what is important right now.

once you get a reputation on campus you'll be able to have much better luck. (and if you start showing up at all the frat parties, you will get a reputation pretty fast!)

have you read the book "conquer your campus" ??? I think it would help you a lot with this project.
That book has been in my library for years, the first rule in the book was "you are your clique". I'm following the formula as laid out in that book. Except for building a party house nearby. But yeah.. i'm not creeping these girls out. Just gotta build so much social proof that it just doesn't matter. The book said it will take time, like a snowball.

I have a lot inherent disadvantages to overcome, true. But it beats picking up washed up old bar flies! Besides even if I never pick up one.these campus girls, a reputation around town will give me access to the older seniors and grad students or just hot townie women. As well as any single mothers of these girls when they come into town. Also its just a huge inner game boost which is exactly what I need right now.