So I'm just getting back into game. I know some basics, but have a lot to learn. I thought others might enjoy this story. For background, I've spent the past six months hitting the gym hard. I've lost 40 pounds and my confidence is way up! Last week, on Wednesday night, I had a first meet up with a woman from an online dating site. We met at a restaurant for chips, salsa, and drinks. We had a nice conversation, but there just wasn't a spark. As we said good-bye, I told her we should text each other tomorrow and see what we thought. No pressure to decide on date #2 right now.

I leave and decide to stop at the bar near my apartment, to say hi to my bartender friend. There are three woman in there and they are in party mode. There is only one in the group who I am really interested in. I talk to my bartender friend briefly. I then walk over to the group and say something like "What are we celebrating?" One of the woman says "who the fuck are you?." I say "I'm John" I then extend my hand and hold it there until she reaches out to weekly shake it. I hold the hand shake and then smile and say "and who the fuck are you?" The next thing I know, the one I'm really interested in, is competing with the hand shaker for my attention. It was almost too easy to get the hot one (I'll call her Tina) to compete, simply by ignoring her, and paying attention to her friend.

Next, I turn to Tina and say "you have a really nice smile, did you have braces?) she lights up and says "yes" that she did. I then tell her "you must not have worn your retainer though, because your bottoms are a little crooked." I quickly follow up with "It's okay, my bottoms are a little crooked to - see." At this point she laughs and yells to her friends "look, we have the same snagle teeth!" I then pull out my phone and tell her we have to take a picture of our matching snagle teeth. She leans in and we take a couple of selfies of us making goofy faces to show off our matching snagle teeth. I then hand her the phone and tell her "you seem pretty cool, put your phone number in here (notice this is really a command, not a request.) She immediately puts in her number and then hits "send" to be sure that she has mine as well. I was running pretty solid game and feeling very Alpha. a couple of other guys tried to join in, but were quickly blown out in the presence of my awesome game.

Next I decide to run a routine, that I've had a lot of success with, on her, It's just a shortened and modified version of the famous "Cube" routine. I don't like to use the cube, because it's been around so long, I would hate to have someone recognize it, and call me out. Instead it involves a house, a staircase, a garden of flowers around the house, and a stable in the yard, with a horse. If you're familiar with the cube, you get the idea...

As I explain to her what her answers meant, she gets more excited with each one and tells me how dead on it is. She then insists that her friend come over, so we can try it with her. (this happens often, when I use the routine)

Pretty soon she says that she needs to get going - she has to work in the morning blah blah. Then she turns to me and tells me how really nice it was to meet me. Our eyes meet and I gaze into hers. She gives me the doggy dinner bowl look, and softly tells me to be sure to call her. I tell her that I probably will call her, but only after I wait the required two or three days - as I smile and laugh a little.

After she leaves, her friend starts hitting on me hard. She actually asks if I want to take her home. It occurs to me that this might just be a test, but either way, saying "yes" will mean I never get a shot at Tina. I politely explain that normally that would be great, but that I'm really into her friend. She's a little put off and mumbles something about "Tina and her fake tits".

That's it for part one. I'll post part two in a day or two. There, I'll explain how I used text game to secure a date with her. How I had her eating out of my hand and ready to do whatever I wanted, and where it all went wrong.

Please note that I don't claim to be an expert at game. I am aware that I could have done many things better up to this point. I appreciate constructive feed back, but not arrogant criticism. Thanks for reading.