Picking up where I left off in part 1....

So two days after meeting Tina and getting her number, I send her a text "It's been two days now, so I can text you without it being weird - I wanted to ask you, would you say that the horse is a happy horse?" - Lame I know, but it was a reference my re-worked cube routine that I had run on her - in my version, the horse still represents the man in her life, just like in the cube. She replies with a picture of her sitting at some party, wearing a horse mask, with two thumbs up, and says "You tell me". I reply "LMFAO" She replies "What kind of girl has a random picture of her wearing a horse mask? This girl!" I text back "Oh that's just a mask? for a minute there, I thought I had way too much to drink the other night." She replies "Don't worry, I only look like that in the morning." That's all for that day - Friday.

Saturday - I text her back her back her picture with the horse mask on, and I write "MISSING Last seen Wednesday night. Fun personality, and very sexy. Occasionally enjoys alcohol. NEEDS MEDICATION! If you see her, tell her to meet me for drinks this Wednesday night." She replies quickly with "LMAO - needs medication? How'd you know?" I reply "People with turns in their staircases ALWAYS need medication." (another reference from my routine). She replies "Touchi - So not sure about Wed, how about Mon or Teus?" I reply "I'll have to get back to you on that."

Sunday - I text her and we work out that we will meet up Tuesday for drinks. I text "I'll call you Teusday to work out the details" She replies "OK, but only if you stop misspelling Tuesday"

So up to this point everything is going awesome, at least in my opinion. Her interest level seems to be going higher and higher.

On Tuesday, I decide I need to make her invest a little more, so I wait until about 3:00 and I text her "been a busy day. Give me a call when you're done working." She replies that she will after 5:00.

She calls at 5:30 and says "your text said around 7 or 8. Could we do 7 because I need to be home kind of early? I tell her sure 7 is fine.

I get to the bar that we're meeting at a little early so that I can make friends with the bartender and have a drink to kill any nerves.
She shows up at 7:15 - I figured it might have been shit test to see if I was going to text or call to find out why she was late.

She ordered herself a drink, and paid for her own without any hesitation. We moved off to a more private area near the pool table. We sat side by side and talked a bit. She really started spilling her guts pretty quickly. She seemed to be very open and honest. She was working hard to qualify herself. She mentioned that her only bad quality was that sometimes she drinks a little too much. She then said that she was going to get another beer, and asked if I needed one, which she paid for. I was impressed! She just seemed so honest and open and even un-selfish. I was starting to see her as relationship potential. The conversation was flowing so smooth, and the drinks were going down smooth as well. The Kino was flowing pretty wel both ways between us. I didn't realize it, but the drinks were softening my game in a HUGE way. At one point she asked me to come outside with her while she smoked. I failed to realize it at the time, but this is where she was first hoping I would make a move and kiss her. I didn't.

So we go back in and sit at the bar. Everything is still going great. When we order the next round, the HB9 bartender comes over and gives me a little wink and a smirk. Tina saw it and right away asked me "What the fark was that!" I told her that I didn't know and had just met that bartender tonight. I mentioned that I had gotten the feeling that she had been flirting with me earlier though. We finish our beer, and I ask her if she wants to get out of there? She imeadiatly says yes, and we both head out. We get in her car, a nice SUV, and talk about where to go. I tell her we can go to my place, which is only two minutes awyay. I tell her it's quiet and we can talk, and that I have plenty of beer there. What an idiot! I hadn't even kissed her yet, and I'm trying to get her back to my place.

She say no, how about blah blah other bar. I say sure. We get to the new bar and she suggests we change to mixed drinks. Now, we've been doing rounds and matching each other one for one. She is much smaller than me, yet seemed a bit less effected than I was. This girl was no amateur! But we keep talking and things are still going well. Now she is telling me all sorts of little things that she doesn't like about herself. Now I'm starting to just get sloppy. As were talking, I give her some heavy eye gazing. then I look away and smile. She say "What?" I tell her "nothing." She says "what" again. I tell her "I am so going to kiss you." She says "do you always narrate what your going to do?" And i go in for the kiss, which she is happy to accept. We then start making out pretty heavy. I then ask her if she wants to get out of there. She agrees. As we leave, she say she needs to stop and buy some beer for home. We stop at a gas station and she goes in. She comes back with a case of beer and tells me "I'm taking over. My cousin lives right over here, and she wants to have a drink with us. We're going to pick her up and have one drink with her, at this bar right here. Is that okay?" Silly me, I tell her "sure." At he bar with her cousin, I'm sloshed. At some point, Tina turns to me and says "Holy shit John! are you keeping up with me? Most guys are under the table by now." I make out with her a little more. Then she says to me firmly "Something you need to know - I'm in charge!" I took this as a shit test and smiled, got real close, and told her "that is so adorable that you think that." We kiss a little more. Things still seem okay. Then her and the cousin go outside to smoke and have girl talk. When they come back in, she says they're ready to go. As we drop the cousin off, I tell the cousin it was nice meeting her. The cousin tells me "It was nice meeting you too, but I'm sorry, Tina isn't going to sleep with you tonight. Do you really think she doesn't know why you wanted her to go to your apartment?"

So Tina drives back to the first bar to drop me off at my car. I make one last try to get her back to my place, and make out one last time. At this point, she snaps and tells me very firmly that she needs to get home. I back off and get out of the car. As I do, she softens a lot, and in kind of a sweet voice says "Look, if it makes a difference, I had a lot nicer time tonight than I expected to."

The next day (Wednesday), I start to get totally pathetic. I text her and tell her that I had fun, and ask her to have dinner tonight. She replies that she can't.

Thursday I text and ask her if she would like to see me again and let's set something up. She replies "I meant to talk to you about this yesterday, but I'm not looking to date right now. Nothing personal, you seem like a cool person. I have a lot going on in my life right now. You know how it goes." I reply "Yes I do. That's too bad." I send a second text "You're pretty cool too. But I can't believe that I'm getting the It's not you, it's me text" LOL Consider keeping in touch." She replies " I know - so cliche LOL. Take care "

Friday I text her "Hey, I'm always trying to improve where I can, would you consider telling me where exactly things went from good to bad?" She replies "Look, I need to be very clear with you. when you asked me out for drinks, i thought you meant just as friends. I realized when I got there that you thought it was more, and I didn't want to hurt your feelings. DO NOT CONTACT ME." I immediately reply "That's fine, but BULLSHIT on the just friends. If you can't own it, your a lot worse than I thought."

Obviously I made a lot of mistakes.

I drank too much.
I didn't make a move when she first gave me the chance.
I tried to get her to my place before I even kissed her.
I allowed her to bring the cousin into it
I Actually started to really LIKE her, and see her as above me.
I Went from having huge power and value to being totally pathetic.