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Thread: FR for Group Date-Concert: Also thoughts on confidence

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    Default FR for Group Date-Concert: Also thoughts on confidence

    So back and forth with this chick. First date night was epic and we had a blast with her coming to me over and over in front of other guys. Time #2 it was a bust and she made out with some other guy she is dating and then ignored me all day so I left all pissed off.

    But she said "No I am not done with you yet". So I was like tight onto date #3. Now I understand her behavior, I think. Again was trying to just be nice and finish this date we already had planned. So we went on yet "another" group date. Went to the concert and she was dancing with another guy and flirting with guys so I was like for sure I know what to do know. But a little story first as an anecdote.

    "Started with the HB10"
    The one I talked about meeting on Tinder and getting blown out hard like I said. So I was obviously crushed. But I woke up and thought "screw her and own it" so I put on my bandana even though I was kinda scared but I knew just be confident. That was the only way. So I went out with my confidence and made the bank clerk nervous, the video game clerk insecure, but I walked into the cell phone store with the same confidence thinking screw it nobody is gonna be so stop pretending.

    The Alamo and My Soul
    So you could say the blow out with the HB10 drove me to excel and become even better. By doing this I got offered a job on the spot making a lot of money and he wants to make me the new manager there. He says I got "the look" lol I get that a lot. So I went for it and looks like I am gonna be making a grip if all goes well all for owning my look! So I owned the bandana and got called a rebel "who gets it".

    The Concert
    So I carried that confidence to the show and didn't try to stay close to my HB9 date knowing her avoiding me so I let her do her own thing. Guys hit on her constantly and hovered like crazy. She was dancing with some guy all night but I never questioned it just did my own thing. Caught her creeping on me several times. Then however she was grinding with dude who kept buying her drinks but man he was needy. I saw a guy walking by checking my girl out and totally stopped but due to aa walked away.

    The Target
    I am going for HB10's now like I said but for the purpose of experience just rolling with it. So I thought don't be needy, don't hover, don't follow her around,etc. By doing this she ventured off one row ahead of one row ahead of us so it looked like we weren't together. She checked up on me and had me hold her phone. So every time I was kinda slightly annoyed she picked up on it and said "what's wrong" or "you don't look happy." But I just played it off how I was feeling about other stuff and had to sweat the small stuff.

    The obstacles
    No isolation obviously due to this friggin group dates she always takes us on. Anyway guys at the concert trying to get with her and I figured it out when he said he would hit her up that she gave him her number when she went "to the bathroom". But again I was like whatever. Then we were hanging out at a after party and me being present meant letting the target wonder off and do whatever while doing my own thing and talking to everyone while having fun. I was basically being an Alpha Male unaffected by outcome!

    Dude shows up at like 2am to the house party and totally hovering and staying on the target everywhere she went. I ignored it buddy did not. He AMOG him and told him to get the heck out and nobody knows him!! Haha wish I was there to witness but again I was in the other room and my target told me what happened. Freaking AFC's man.

    Then I found out the other guy she is dating dogged me the day he made with her I front of me saying "so you are hanging out with HIM all day?" Like I never even said anything to her about him what a douche. Then he too was all butthurt "he didn't get invited" to the house party and was being a crybaby so my value keeps going up around these AFC's and date #4 already set!
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: FR for Group Date-Concert: Also thoughts on confidence

    LOVE the progress.
    Just wish you would share in a way that was more engaging, instead of a "personal journal" format.

    Paint us a picture one of these days.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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