Guess who's back.....back again....Shady's back, tell a friend. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess whose back, guess whose back, guess whose back. NA-NA-NA


Showed up early to davis campus around 5pm. Terrorized davis campus with torrey, a guy i've mentioned in previous posts whose a huge fan of drama game. We collected lots and dates for later in the night to maximize our chances.

3 hours later we start walking to bistro 33. A bar built on top of a small hill. Wide stairs on all sides leading up to the patio and into the building beyond. A large fire pit sat to the side and random ass statues spread threw out the place. Essentially it looks like an alchoholic version of the parthenon(probs spelled wrong). Lots of cute college girls and chody ass guys...

I see an HB9. Look her in the eyes and tell her to come here. She does as she is told. Tell her shes mine and her friends are ugly and mine are way cooler. Make out with her and pull her away. I bring her over to a table where some other guys i know are sitting. talk talk talk. Grab number and she leaves.

I find a girl i talked to earlier on campus. Makeout and go for the pull. I decide to walk to my car so i can drive her to her place and close her there. The only problem is my cars a mile away. Guys try to steal her every other block. i diffuse this by telling her to go with the guy. I must be true love. She laughs and comes with me anyways. Finally get all the way to my car and she wont come in my car. She asks do you promise to see me later. My response "no". Stop she pleades and begs me to promise to hang out with her. No. From there she repeats this process over and over like a broken toy and my response was always the same.


Needless to say it wasnt going down.

I walk back to bistro. I try to find torrey just to find he had already pulled a girl. BASTARD.

Find more of my friends on the streets; abs(a fucking boss of a boss), Kumar(funny as fuck), and Nate the Great(a natural with a mouth piece that poors liquid gold). All surrounding some needy boyfriend trying to steal his girl. I jump in the fun and help, I am forever hellbound.

We wander the streets taking snap chats with randos and screaming at strangers. It was awesome. I told everyone i was gay, had a small dick. Have no idea how i even hook sets with these lines.

We lose nate and kumar and go into a small bar. Girls are cute as fuck. Tyler is almost immediately macking with some girl i hit the dance floor and find some cute indian girl. start dancing dorkily. she laughs and makeout. but true love does not prosper, Her friends swooped in from out of no where like a birds of prey snagging a defensless pigeon and they carried her away from the coolest guy she will ever meet, forever ruining her life. #sadface #truelovelost

We walk out to find nate and kumar and walk by the hb9 from earlier. She instantly klings to me upon seeing me. she starts shit testing me immediately. the next three minutes are a Blur. my friend nate grabs her throws her against a stop sign. tyler hugs her from behind and i hug nate from behind...

And lets stop the story for a second I just want to say we werent being rapey. She was laughing. We were in state....No...Wait.. ..I take that back. Abs had his hands firmly on her ass the whole time.

...ok ok ok. it was a little rapey. Anyways back to the story.

Nate goes for the steal and i give them my blessing.

At this point abs is hooking every set by screaming selfie putting his arms around the girls and holding his phone up to take the picture. First the girls look befuddled. Then realizing he is feeding into there natural inhibitions for attention and a good time give into his frame. By the end of the night he had accumulated 12 snap chats and 3 videos with randos we met threw out the night. LMAO

Did i close any sets....nope ;(

But we had one hell of a night