hay guys

im super new, this was the first pua thing i EVER went to!,, it was the free tour with julien blanc (tho he wasnt there in the end and neither was i acutally,) but i met some cool girls and made strong connections so see what u think and give me advice if u think of anything i could do diffrent next time!.

i sent this to RSD afterwards when the asked me how i thougt it went:

i went along to the pier like u said but when i got their there were all these people waiting, some were girls and i was surprised like "wow julien must b realy good if women want to come to his seminars too. But they were there to protest, i was pretty uncomftable, then i saw a few guys with peacocked hair in black shrts and i went "that must b the guys im waiting for", i went over and said hey, are you waiting for julien? and they were like yeah maybe, then it was a bit confusing like we were talking in code "hey na were not doing a thing were just waiting for a guy named julien and eventully i went yeah cool, ill wait with u!

we went and sat down on the grass nearby, the people protesting were looking at us a bit ut not too bad. the guys were speaking another laguage so i dont know what they said but they didnt get a text message they were waiting for, then they got up and said "its not happening, so were going to crown" and i thought that meant i could come with them but they said "nah man were going to crown" and i said oh ok. I guess that was part of code as well and meant i should have gone to crown on my own. i couldnt tell tho, so i went back to the pier to wait a bit, and i texted the number u guys gave me but didnt hear anything.

then I saw more guys who i thought might b waiting so i went and talked to them. they were so i hung with them, there were more and more of us but there were more and more of the protesters too. a garbage truck drove between us and i thougt maybe we were getting picked up by the garbage truck! but not really. the guys were pretty excited for wen julien would show up, one said "i hope he comes with like 2 girls on each arm", that wouldve been cool. i hoped speedboats would come get us. ppl were taking video and photos of us, that was creepy.

then some ladies came over, but they didnt want to hang out, they were reporters! they started asking some guys questions, the more apha ones talked to the reporters and the beta guys, like me probably, hung back and listened. the guys were syaing how RSD is about helping men get more confident i aproaching women and that, the reporters asked if they thought it was understandable that ppl would find juliens neck grabbing video offensive, and they said "yeah but theyre taking that out of context you have watch more videos to understand why its actually funny." one guy said "na man, its extreme even in context" and i kind of agreed with him, then a nice old lady came over and said "can i talk to you?" and she did, she was like 70. she asked me and another guy "why do u want to go to the seminar, ive met julien and hes a snake oil salesman." i was like "where did u meet him?" she said she met him in london once when she was helping a journalist who maybe was interviewing him. anyway she was really friendly and said we shouldnt pay $3000 to go to his seminar, we should pay her $1000 instead and shed teach us a few things abt meeting women! she said juleins like anthony robins but less coked up and we shouldnt trust him.

BUT then the text msg went around with where the seminar would be, i got a look at it on someone elses phone and was going to get to my car but then i ran into my friend nat! she was at the protest protesting and thougt i was too so i said whats up, u wanna go get dinner or something and she said "we want to go to where the seminars going to be! her friends were pretty cute and i thought "i can handle this fiveset if i show my value, so i said cool, i know where it is! they looked at me like i was a god, it was pretty great they got on their phones and said were inviting other girls too, and i thought "AWSOME" and me and nat went to my car and drove to southbank where it was supposed to be, but when we got to the crown carpark nat said "oh no, my friends say the bost left and its docking at wlliamstown, and so we thought that must be it for the night so i gave her a ride home. then i went home.

but then on facebook i saw that was all wrong and the other guys had made it to the boat and it was still at southbank! so dumb i wish we'd checked now. So i had to watch on fb how the protesters wer e angry and trapping u guys on the boat and i felt bad i missed it b/c een if julien wasnt there it wouldve been good to hear what max had to say.

anyway, i know i clicked "unstatisfied" but i kinda get why u guys had to dash and it was secret and i didnt get there in time anyway, so its my fault too, no dramas. it was free anyway! i saw this morning juliens left the country, but when u guys come back itd be cool to do the free tour properly when there's less or no protesters around, maybe he would come in under a fake name or something, or speedboats would be cool

thanks anyway,