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    djAndarial Guest

    Default Report - Club Hypnotist Frame

    Alright Ladies and gents. It is now 2:51PM CST Here is the report.

    I got a bit bored at the bar not getting to talk to any ladies, not many out on a tuesday. However it was $1 beer night, after 3 I finally approached a 4 set 2 men 2 women, they were like "who the hell is this"??

    I approached with all confidence, introduced myself as a new resident of the city, and stated that I had never met them before and it was nice to meet new people. They agrees and let me talk for a bit.

    I did a relationship elicitation "So how do you all know each other"

    They were just friends both girls were named Ashley.

    Well, I then stated that I was a master hypnotist and asked if they wanted to help me work on my act, as well as have some genuine fun since the place was kinda dead.

    One girl was up for it from the Git, so I put her under 3 times as a deepen-er, I put her under the 3rd time mid sentence as a convincer to herself I was in control as well as to the other girl and audience I had of around 7 people. Well after making her forget the number 5 and then her name the other girl was well into it.

    I finally got to hypnotize the other Ashley and put them both under after gaining permission to give the suggestion that when they shook my hand they would have a very intense multiple orgasm and that each would be more intense than the one before it.

    Needless to say making both girls have an orgasm at the same time was a hell of a convincing for the crowd as well as the bar owner who now wants me to do a show.... SCORE.

    They loved it, I wish I would have taken my camera so I could have gotten some pictures..... I'm a dumb@ss on that my bad.

    It all is true, Scouts Honor.

    The alpha me seemed a little intimidating but not too much that it was over the top, just enough to give the presence of a person secure in their life and abilities.

    One older gentlemen bought me a beer, asked me to go fishing and asked if I had kids, he freaked out when I told him I was only 24, he said he thought I was in my mid 30's.

    Great night.

    P.S. Got Both Ashley's numbers and they want to meet up tomorrow night for a "drink" and some fun as they put it.

    Number + Kiss Close, I got to cup some ass, hold some hoohas of some fine bitty's and I have a double date them for me tomorrow night.

    Life is Good.

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    Default Re: Report - Club Hypnotist Frame

    Where did you learn that hypnosis stuff?

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    Default Re: Report - Club Hypnotist Frame

    yeah exactly where do you learn stuff like this. lol u should not post knowledge ur not going to share :P

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