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    TheStig Guest

    Default Your Success Stories needed!

    Ok guys I think it would be a good idea to have a thread were people discuss there most memorable pick up. As u probably know im only new to this and at first i doubted this worked until i went on my first run last weekend.

    I couldn't believe the results i got back after only approaching 3 sets. I made a lasting impact on two girls from the last 2 sets and managed to Number Close one target.

    However i do hold very high standards and always expect better from myself in any task i take up. I dont count this really as a success but as my first steps. I think it would be inspiring to newbs such as myself to hear the success stories of the guys who have a good grasp of this game and how they went about opening the set. Aswell as if they overcame any resistance but still managed to walk away with the target on their arm.

    Looking forward to hearing your success stories and any info you can give on your finest pick up. thanks

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    Default Re: Your Success Stories needed!

    I have some GREAT field reports. Once we get 10 field reports - I will post mine. TRUST me guys this one is great. I will call it my week of glory.

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    matt8oy Guest

    Default Re: Your Success Stories needed!

    Definitely love the idea of a thread for success stories, as a noob myself it'll be great to learn from and although im improving daily i'll aspire to have a some wicked stories of my own in the near future.

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    zachary22 Guest

    Default Re: Your Success Stories needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I will post a story here. It is a success story, but somehow a bit different. I am a doctor, almost fresh out of med school. Two weeks ago I was in France to snowboard with my friends at a a snowboard camp-event, and there was this girl with us. She had an asthmatic condition which she did not care about and she had a huge psychic stress to it too. As we were going up to the ski pistes she had a sudden onset of an asthmatic attack. I had to stop the bus and have her stay beside the road with me and the organizers of the event. A few minutes later her condition worsened and she just stopped breathing. I was totally scared, but I knew I had to do something or else she would have died. So I layed her on the road and started the breathing part of cardiovascular rescuscitation. After my second try to breath air into her lungs, she came back. I saved her life. Later on she wanted to hook up with me, but I guess this just came from the experience..

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