Ok so I was out with a couple of mates last night and here's how i did, this is just some feedabck and things I noticed on the night, please feel free to critic how I went and inform us of what you woulda done, we are all here to learn.

1st bar we went into there was a girl on the door checking ID when she looked at mine and was questioning if it was me due to changing my hair and all i laughed and showed here another picture, she was like yer alright alright and I pointed a to a girl in the bar who looked really young and I said, you should be worried about her ID not mine. I also then saw a mark on her finger and said "What happened to your finger?" She then told me how she accidentaly stamped her finger. I then said "First time using the stamp?" in a joking way as if to say she was a bit unco-ordinated, she giggled and said "shut up" in a cute way and i walked into the bar. All good so far I thought.
Now here is where I went rookie, after a while my mates wanted to go outside and smoke but i don't smoke, so i thought i'd talk to her while they did. We all walked to the door. MISTAKE: I was walking at the back of the group (no leadership representation) and at the door they kept walking out and i stopped and explained to her how they were all going for a smoke (very week image, total fark up) I then tried to talk about how she could be my new friend and mentioned how you can't just walk up to someone and say let's be friends like you could in kindergarten. Pretty much she didn't give a damn about what I said.

Afterwards I realised all this, shall do better next time!

The rest of the night in a different club I tried to open a few sets but struggled to hold attention and I'm thinking that maybe its harder for you to open a set when a girl is in the environment of a club where the guys are hitting on her every second and she's just in BS mode or something like that, what are your thoughts? I used a few opinion openers, asking if they new a certain tv character and if they thought my mate looked like him and after agreeing would just turn away and shut me off.
Also a girl was walking past and she looked at me and cause i was looking at her kinda walked over, I opened with "I like that dress" it was white and it match her white hair, so i mentioned it matching her hair and then asked if she realised that before coming out tonight. She sorta said something and then just walked off.

Im not expecting to open every girl but if you do see anything here you can help with then be sure to give some advice