For this particular situation I was in washington DC. Me and a couple of guys went to a GOGO club. Just about all the girls were dancing. The club seemed hot on purpose. This either to influence alcohol sale or maybe sweating was part of the experience. This club had live band,and had intermission in which food went on sale. I notice some random guy failing at attempting to close a HB8. You could see it from across the club. he had blown his opportunity and just was standing there still trying. She looked frustrated as hell. So i decided to move in and rescue her possibly getting the number in the process. I positioned my self on her Left side. This AFC was still there on her right side trying desperately to chat her up. He didn't even notice my presence. Even though it was a intermission the music was really loud and they were advertising the foods on sale. After standing next to her for about 8 seconds Leaned close to be heard over the loud music and AFC actively chatting on her right side who still hadn't even notice my presence yet. My lips were actually touching her ear when I spoke these words. ''Tell this idiot to go and get us some spicy curly fries''. She looked right at him and said ''ummm I think I want some curly fries'' He said BRB and left. She turned to me and hugged me as soon as he left. She asked my where I was from. I replied New York in a way that would imply she should of known that already. I number closed her. Still She told me not to move because wanted to dance with me. I told her dismiss the loser as soon as her returns and i'll stay. He came back in about 3 minutes with not only the fries he was sent for but, ketchup and mustard. Not packets either red and yellow bottles. He had no idea what had taking place as soon as he left. She dismissed him as promised. We shared the fries. We danced extremely sexual for about The next 15 minutes. Then we went to the parking lot and had sex in my rented mini van. He saw us returning to the club he looked both pissed and impressed. Me and the girl laughed our asses off then we had 2 drinks and danced some more. We had a lot over the next last couple days of my trip to DC. We still speak from time to time. She's even been to NY to see me. She says she Just can't get over how we met. Dc was fun.. I kind of miss that place.