So I went out to watch some football with a buddy yesterday. Had a great scene in an outdoor mall area. Lots of people coming and going. And as the book said this is all an experiment. No pressure for results.

I was over analyzing everything. My body language, every word I said etc. I realized this was the polar effect Joshua talks about in tao. So I just warmed up with some banter on the waitress, didn't lean in to hear her, used the head turn, and in a few visits she was crouching down next to me to talk. I eventually tried to move onto rapport but it failed, and I had a hard time restarting with her. Oh well, I know she still had fun. And...I know where she'll be next Sunday. Ha!

So the first girl I spoke with was walking past our table repeatedly because she was charging her phone. I knew ANY opener would be better than NO opener, so I stopped her and said, "Santa should bring you an extension cord." Perfect. She was completely off guard. Laughed and I let her struggle with being off guard, and walk back to her friend. I knew she'd be back. She was behind us. Next time she went to her phone I dropped my arm in her way and said "I'm charging a toll now". She laughed, grabbed my hand and said "I have a free pass." As she tried to move my hand and walk by. I held her hand back and said, " the best things i life are free." What did I just say. Lol. Whatever, she"ll be back again. Sure enough. This time I didn't say anything, just dropped the arm back in place. Tis time she said, "I don't think you're charging enough". Don't temp me with a good time. I said, " you're right, but my team is on offense. Come back at the commercial and ill collect." WHAT?! This is definitely not the old me. Where is this stuff coming from. I should be leaning in at her. Asking her to pull up a chair. Looking over my shoulder to check her out. This is day 1 of tao. Girl 1. I don't even know anything beyond bantering and rapport. I haven't even finished the book yet! Whatever. She came right over at the commercial and sat down. Holly. What a cutie. Cowgirl boots, ball cap, and short jean skirt. Mm hmm. I was so stunned ( and so was my buddy). I did a terrible job bantering with her, and was at a loss of how to keep the convo going. Oh well. She also left with a shy smile. I should've gone over to her table, but I never did before she left. My fault. I also know where she hangs out on Sunday now.

Girl 2. Working at a women's boutique and clearly bored with no business. Hanging in the door way and pacing. Easy. I got up and walked over. She quickly went into the store to "help me find something for my girl friend". I said, "not unless we're shopping for you then." What am I saying? Is that really coming out of my mouth? I said, you looked bored, amd cute so I came over to entertain you. Judy. She had a really soft sweater on, and I went right at it. "Your sweater looks so soft, give me a hug so I can see what it feels like." I'm pretty sure this isnt in the book, and Joshua might cringe to see this coming out of my mouth. But guess who had Judy's long arms wrapped around my neck, while I petted the back of her fuzzy sweater. Blatantly cut short by a group of loud tourists barging in. I got the boyfriend visiting at work shuffle, amd closed with a promise to return soon. She gave a big ol smile and squeezed my shoulder. Wow. Did that actually just happen? I could smell her perfume on me as I walked back to the table. Intoxicated from the experience and high on adrenaline. FML I have to do one more today.

I was wearing thin tho. The cocktails were catching up and the waitress was s testing my balls off. I could hardly keep up. Oh well, it felt amazing for a AFC with aa. I could feel the overwhelming potential. I COULD be a real badass someday. I'm a badass compared to last week. I felt my posture re align itself, amd scanned the crowd for my next set.

I heard the table behind me pointing out a real young cutie sitting by a fountain listening to her earbuds. I say real young, cause I'm 31 ans she was about 18/19. I turned around and asked if they knew her. "No, but I wish I did." Too late, is what I thought as I found myself on my feet. I sat down in front of her, and said something like "are you waiting for your wish to come true" as I gestured to the coins in the fountain. She laughed and smiled. Just waiting for her shift to start at the cupcake store. Nicknames...of course....this is EASY one. "We'll cupcake, it's nice to meet you." Boom so perfect. She wanted to tell me about clubs for some reason. Like the book says, let her qualify herself. So I did. Wow. Am I starting to get a glimpse of the matrix, or am I just too many mimosas in? Stephanie. I listened to her music, talked about her clubs, and then "borrowed" her phone and called myself from it. Haha. Awesome. Told her I'd be in to nibble her cupcakes and lick her frosting. I'm not sure who blushed more, me or her. Too many mimosas, but maybe it was perfect closing. I did stop by later and SE hooked me up and we promised to see each other soon. Perfect chance to work my text game. On a girl not even old enough to go to the bar with me, wow.

When I returned to the table, my buddy, and the guys behind us literally said, "dude, that was badass." was. Then I passed out by 7pm, and woke up dehydrated and unable to sleep, so you all get this as the result.

Thoughts, comments, wins, fails, what to do next....the floor is open. Don't be shy.