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Thread: Kino's Perfect Failure

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    Default Kino's Perfect Failure

    The Perfect Failure

    I’m out at a favorite spot of mine on a Friday and I’m at the venue specifically to keep my skills sharp. I walk in and meet the boys and we have a good time just chatting and laughing genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

    As we are shooting the breeze the cutest little waitress comes up and asks if we need any drinks. The funny thing is that when she walks up, she kind of throws her hips to the side in an almost exaggerated sexy fashion. It reminded me of a runway model at the end of a catwalk. I mimicked the move and said “Bam, well now that you have our attention.” The group laughed, and she acknowledged that she did it but insists it was without thinking about it.

    Shortly, after the laugh a tall blonde with a really great butt walks by. I watch her walk by and decide I need to open her. Chris Haven, gives me the look that says “Kino, that’s you.” I smirk and figure out the logistics. She has went and sat in the corner by herself. Just at that moment the waitress approaches her and asks if she needs a drink.


    I approach the waitress and tease her about not doing the hip move. She laughs and I ask the blonde if she has seen her signature move. She replies “No”. I tell them I’m going to do my best attempt. I do the hip move and the waitress cracks up and the Blonde, says “Yeah, baby.” and claps. I proceed to high five the waitress and high five the blonde.


    I simply asked her what she was doing out and she said she just wanted to get out of the house. I sat down and she told me about some woman offering her a job that day. Boom, conversation was rolling very naturally.


    We just had natural friendly conversation for a bit. After some time, I mentioned Kokology and ran my Castle routine. She was very impressed and started to press me for information. She apologized and said she needed to go pee, but asked me to stay because even though she was intending to leave she wanted to continue talking.
    I rejoined the boys and she was back in a flash. We sat down and continued. I ran my routine, 28,000 Days followed by the GF Test.

    We were talking about sex, what she liked and disliked. Our conversation went well past the boundaries of casual conversation. She kept telling me how this was the best conversation that she has had in a very long time. She kept telling me that if it wasn’t for me she would have left a long time ago.


    The conversation continues and I introduce my Sexual Demo Routine. She really likes this and our conversation is pretty explicit at this point. Now, if you’re reading this, you probably thinking this sarge is going extremely well. Experience tells me otherwise. All the while, she has been giving me positive feedback but I haven’t had any response to my kino, thus far. She hasn’t pulled away, but she hasn’t made herself easily accessible either. This seems like mixed signals to me. I decide to do a sexual compliance test. I ask her to honestly tell me her sexiest feature and she tells me it’s her legs. I ask her about her butt and she says “Well, it gets bigger the more I eat.” I walk around and take a look. At this point she says, “What, are you doing?” in a light hearted manner but she turns her butt away. I’ve been doing this long enough to know what that means. When a girl wants your sexual attention, she will nearly always give you the opportunity to check her out.

    Fast forward about 10 minutes and she excuses herself again to go to the restroom and again says something along the lines of “I didn’t mean to be out this long but this is the best conversation I had in a long time. I’ll be right back if you don’t mind waiting.”

    Again, I join the boys and they, Chris especially is like this girl is going to go home with you. I tell him I don’t think so. I tell him she has given plenty of complimentary ioi’s but she failed my compliance test. I’m convinced this sarge isn’t really going anywhere.

    Again, she returns in a flash. I have decided not to Bomb Shell her at this point. I have not had the prerequisite compliance. So I decide to go for my 95% Number Close. I whip out my phone, ask her if it’s Nikki with a Y or I. She says I, but she doesn’t like to give out her phone number but she’ll give me her email.

    I say, “Thanks, but I don’t take emails. Between both of my jobs and my blogs keeping up with emails is just too much work for me. But thank you Nikki I had a great time talking with you.”

    She looked a little confused, and I believe she thought I was offended. “You really don’t email?”

    I replied “Oh yeah, I email all day long. It’s just not something I’m willing to do for social purposes.”

    I’m pretty sure I caught her off guard as she seemed slightly flustered. She says “You should know this is really the best conversation I’ve had in a long time and I’m glad stayed out, I’m sorry.”

    I laughed and said “You have your rules and I have my mine. The conversation was great. You have a great night and I’ll see you around.”

    At that point I left. Chris Haven texts and asked if she was going home with me. I told him no. He told me that she left within seconds of me walking out and assumed she was leaving with me.

    Now many of you might think I should have been upset. I wasn’t. You see, seduction is about many things. Arguably the most important thing is the ability to learn from your setbacks and being able to draw on that experience. Drawing on my previous experience told me exactly what was going to happen. I wasn’t surprised or shocked in the least. I wasn’t deterred by this situation, just the opposite I was validated by this experience. My skills reading her IOI’s and compliance test responses told me this was a no go long before we went our separate ways. That to me is power. That is validation of my experience. In my opinion it was the perfect failure.

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    Default Re: Kino's Perfect Failure

    Great work Kino. You ran a great set, and its good you're not down about one number; with everything you did it doesn't seem like there was anything you could have done to get it and that's okay, and if you enjoyed yourself its still a win.
    I never kick myself over the girls that refuse a number, only over the times I pussed out and didn't ask.
    Never need praise, sympathy, or approval

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