I went into the start of a new course having finished long term employment, and was thinking this is an opportunity to pick up.

Within a minute she had sat next to me, we smiled, a group of 3 of us got talking and I dhv and the other bloke bowed out. That was yesterday. We buddied up for the day and it seemed the rapport was pretty thick.

All sorts of interactions occurred for her to let me know where she was at and that we share a bit in common.

I emailed her what we were working on and told alot of other stuff about me. She had emailed me when I woke up and she was thankful for the correspondence. So many chicks flip out at my writing as I am a writer and I express myself very directly. For me to write emotions is not difficult. Most chumps, male and female, persist with the how drunk they were or are or will be, or they talk sex to the point that any of us would turn them to the nunnery.

This chick is fairly cool. She may have a partner, who she seemed to berate when she mentioned him. I am definitely interested in seeing her outside of classes and escalating the friendship. She is a pretty cool girl and I am confident of having some sort of affair or relationship with her that is mutually beneficial on our own terms.

She seems to want the contact. She identified a few things about me very quickly and she seems to be very comfortable with me. I like that she may have a fairly useless partner (baggage) as it releases me for other relationships.

Do you think she may be looking a fun sorta fling thing or what? and then there is the aspect that we are working on the same stuff professionally... I like the idea that I could work with this chick and she can help me with all the money making stuff i need to be doing right now