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    Default I don't want relationships just yet

    a month back a friend of mine hosted a party. There were a lot of pretty girls and my boys and I seemed to be the party as most of the girls wanted to see themselves around us. anyway to cut the long story short, I met this girl. HB 7.89 I managed to k close on the night as she wasn't putting out.

    She told me she wanted to see me again and I told her that she would have to take my numbers and call me for that to happen. she took them and surprisingly she texted after 2 days. ....

    We texted back and forth and finally met for day 2.she came over to my place and chilled. I made cocktails for us. hers was a virgin as she does not drink alcohol. I showed her some cool stuff on my laptop as I demonstrated value. We made out. I did the LMR gambit by pretending to check my mail. It ddn work

    she did not want to go further as she gave me some excuse about her first time being a horrible experience and how she's not ready. that's all cool.

    problem is that this girl has feelings for me, and wants a relationship with me. I am still learning in the game and I feel like a relationship is going to waste my time as I am not where I want to be with girls.

    is it just me or does anyone else also feel that once girls experience something different or meet a guy with a overwhelming personality they wanna tie them down. how do you break it down to them that you don't wanna go down that route

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    Default Re: I don't want relationships just yet

    I usually tell them:

    "I am recently out of a relationship and I don't want to enter another just yet as I just feel like dating casually for now."

    It's honest and I find it to be very effective.

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    Default Re: I don't want relationships just yet

    Dave is right. You just have to Manage Expectations. If you're honest with them about that, especially before sex, she will at least subconsciously accept that.
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