I want to thank Pimpin'Scout for keeping it real. What would we do without his insight? The truth is every time I'm with some super badass chick in the club making out and palming a hand full of her ass. I think about Scout and wonder "is there something seriously wrong with me."

Is it wrong of me to use Kokology to go from an ice cold approach to talking about a woman's sexuality in about 4 minutes? Is it wrong of me to get her to open up about deeply personal sh*t and feel connected to me? Maybe, I should stop being a pussy and just go direct like a real man...errr Scout.

Am I gay, or a pussy, because I love quickly seducing sexy women? Just last week, I couldn't find my crayons so I used these "scripts" on some 25 year old Cuban girl. She was so effing hot, guys AND girls were giving me the thumbs up as were walking through the club. I should have told her not to grind on me because Pimpin'Scout said so. Instead, I did the absolute gayest thing possible. I grabbed her waist, looked her in the eye and said "Slap me or Kiss me", she chose to kiss me, and well the rest is history. I'm so ashamed of myself. How did I end up so gay?