lay report: Colombian girl from Pacha

So this is from awhile ago, but I thought it might be good to list the experience for whomever it may help...

I went to Pacha on a Saturday night/ Sunday morning and it was dead. Ya, I was by myself too because I don't really give a fuck lol. Anyway, I made a eye contact with a few girls there and saw a few checking me out after that.

I figured I had a few to choose from. The only problem was that there was like a pack of men following a lot of these girls around. SO for a good moment, I walked around and looked like I was on my phone by browsing the internet. I did this while casually scoping out for high interest investments.

Since no really attractive girls were coming up to me then I decided to take some initiative. The first and only girl I went up to was a Colombian girl. I just went up to her and did a high five. I held her hand for a couple of seconds to build the Tension and then let go.

I asked her some formal questions like, "What were you doing before here and who are you with?"

She had high interest from the beginning, she just wasn't the type of girl to go up to a guy. Once I did the high five it was on.

I was literally making out with her within 5 mins into the interaction. To initiate escalation I did the high five. From the high five I put my arm around her waste lightly. I made sure to let go after a few seconds and initiate briefly, here and there.

When I saw that she was okay with the arm around her waist then I pulled her a little closer and kissed her. I'm not a big kisser so I try to avoid it in most cases but I kissed her around 3 more times before I suggested going to another venue.

There was a guy passing out flyers for a place in queens earlier in the street. I told her it looked interesting and that I might go there.

She told me that she would go also because she lived in queens. So she told her friends that she wanted to go with me and they were cool about it for the most part. After we left, I told her that I had to go back to my place to get money and then we would head to the place.

When we got to my place I paid the cab and we went up to my place. We started making out in the elevator and I was feeling on her super nice Colombian body [keep it classy].

In my place I put in a movie on my laptop and went to the bathroom. I counted how much money I had on me to go to queens and figured I might as well just try to stay here with [edited] her because it was already pretty late.

So I went back in my room and watched some Boondocks on Netflix. We made out at random times and would just chill and laugh at the show.

After the episode was over, I started making out with her again. This time I went straight for the [edited].

Once again I saw that taking the initiative pays off and if you aren't having much success then it might be tracked by the initiative one is willing to take. IMO, when you are willing to take the risks is when one will be rewarded the most in PUA.

Anyway, was a fun night and thanks again for reading this. Hope I may have helped some of you guys out there and good luck!

-PUA Redsky

[MODERATOR NOTE: Keep it classy, explicit details are not necessary]