Let me begin by saying there's no real lesson here. If you're looking for some massive insight, continue no further. Let's save ourselves the disappointment, alright? This story does not end with a happy PUA ending, it's just a story about being self-amused and having fun.

It all started out with this girl that I'm kind of curious about. She's 18. I'm 37. First of all, isn't that creepy as fuck? No. Apparently it isn't. I've been chatting this girl up for a few days. We "met" online. It just turned into an opportunity to improve my texting game, I haven't been taking it seriously. Then she started qualifying on me and hinting that we should meet up. I realized, holy shit, I have a pet rodent older than she is! But it's just flirty fun, I'm practicing and learning. I'm willing to see where it leads. I told a few of my female friends about this and, surprisingly, most of them had positive responses. Most of them were pleased and laughed about me knocking one off my bucket list... Who's literally a girl half my age. So my female friends think it's cool. So why not? The game is on.

I was texting her during work, which btw is great because sometimes you just have to go an hour or two between messages. It gave me time to read a message and consider my response carefully. I think we're going to meet up at some point. I just have a hectic work schedule, for which I need make no apologies.

So after work, I head to the nearest bar. There's two girls there, both quite attractive. I look to choose my seat. It's them, two empty seats, then a dude by himself. Well, normally, I'd take the middle of three empty seats and work from there. It's the most natural. But since there's only two, naturally, I sit next to the girl. I just play on my phone, watch the tv. Then her friend leaves to the bathroom. I notice. So I start talking to the girl. She's laughing, enjoying me. Her friend comes back, she starts trying to blend me into the set, but the other girl is having none of it. I even pull off this move where I mention it's hard to hear both of them and say, "Let me fix this..." The girl who's showing interest says, "aww are you going away?" And then I grab a chair at the bar, drag it between them, so I'm now the center of attention. The other girl says something about them being old friends catching up. I ask questions about how they know each other, trying to figure out The Vibe, but the girl turns really shy and vague in her responses. "Cool. You two go to college together? High school?" No? Grammar school? Kindergaren?" And the other girl just says, "No, we're a lot deeper than that...." I catch the drift and back off. No biggie. I'm just here enjoying my beer. Then the first girl leaves, so I game the other one, start talking to her. No it's not a great convo, but I think she's warming up to me. The first girl comes back. And I just say something along the lines of, "Oh. You two are a couple. Dating? That's cool. I support love in all its different permutations. It's cool. I just want people to be happy." A few minutes later, they left the establishment. Actually, I almost had the first girl ready to buy me my drinks, and if I'd had two more minutes, I would have slipped her a message on a napkin to call me later. Ah well. Things moved to fast and the other girl got her out of there.

Now, mind you, this is a bar that I was once kicked out of for being creepy. The strange thing was, I wasn't practicing pick up at that time. I was just trying to be friendly and fun. I guess I said one (innocent thing) to a bartender that she took the wrong way and next thing I knew, I was getting the boot. So I'm there being a chode again. Then a guy who I haven't seen in a year taps my back. We hugged. He's a fairly well-known musician in the local area. I immediately stand up and we start hamming and telling stories. Massive value boost for me. Then another regular comes by. He's well-liked. We talk for a bit. I go out for a smoke with my musician friend as he leaves. Then I return to finish my beer. Last call had been called.

I sit there, alone, finishing my beer. The local guy and another guy I met out there smoking were on both sides of a girl, giving her tons of validation about how guys are shit as she tells him about a girlfriend of hers and how her guy cheated on her. I hear the convo and pipe up, "Well I would have cheated on her too!" Not even knowing what the convo was about. A cute bartender comes over to me, says that isn't cool, how could I say such a thing?? I just laugh and admit I'm not in on the conversation anyway. She pushed me further, well it wasn't a nice thing to say. I just brush it off with, "That's how relationships go sometimes. but no, if I was married, then no, I wouldn't cheat. I didn't realize that was the situation." But whatever.

I then joined the conversation. The regular and I started talking about motorcycles and girls... Then I said, "But, I will tell you one thing I love more than girls..." He said, what could possibly be better than girls? I said man, girls are like number 3 or 4 on my list... At that exact moment, out of the corner of my eye, I saw another bartender stop restocking the fridge, That bartender is an HB7 or 8. We had previous run-ins. She can be kind of bitchy. She even cheered a guy on before as he threatened to kick my ass. But she heard my convo and she stood there like an idiot, with the fridge door open, waiting to hear what I said next.

I said, "Racing is better than girls. There is nothing like getting into a car, wheel to wheel, and putting it all on the line. You think 105 on the freeway on a Harley is fast? Wait till you get on a track with people who are actually happy to run you off the road..." She froze. It was sort of pathetic. I saw her. Her back was to me. The conversation continued, bblah blah blah...

The guy one the other side of the girl who was with the regular. I'd never met him before that night, but had chatted him up a bit. He was also giving her the "Not all men are like that..." speech. I walked away saying, "Hey (to the regular) it was cool to see you again (It really was, he's a cool guy), but I don't want to interrupt your conversation. Continue on with the girl..." and then I walked out.

So all in all, zero escalation, zero chance at a day 2, zero on everything. In fact, I may have further convinced a few of the bartenders that I'm an asshole. But as I've heard guys say before, it's better that a girl hates you than feel indifferent towards you. Overall, I think I did build some social value by being unapologetic towards the waitresses, and cool with a few of the cool guys. Was it a net positive night for me? I honestly don't know. I'm not really concerned with that. What I can tell you is that I was exactly the person I wanted to be, at almost every given moment. I was comfortably in my skin, I choded out when I felt like it, and popped into action mode every time the opportunity arose. All in all, I'll take it.

Hey, it's not a great story, but on the bright side, I got to be myself. I said what was on my mind. And I had fun. And even caught a few girls' attention unexpectedly. And that's a pretty decent result, even if I am kicked out of there next time I show up! LOL