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Thread: Next Step?

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    Zeus Guest

    Default Next Step?

    First post on the forum, may not have the lingo down yet.

    Went downtown last friday night to a club that was going off. Early in the night I my buddy noticed the smokingest hottest girl in the club checking me out. She noticeably got right behind me but I did not want to make first contact at the bar (pressure to buy her a drink, i'll let other guys do that) so I totally ignored her for a successful neg.

    Later in the night we started talking and dancing. She stayed with me until the club closed (even though I didn't have a VIP wristband and she did). My roommate stayed her less hot most the night and they both wanted to go to our place afterwards (they brought it up). But unfortunately we were an hour from our house and the girls didn't want to commute and were standoffish when we suggested their place.

    I broke my 3 day minimum rule and called her the next day. She didn't answer the call but responded with a text later. I surprised to see how much she texted me, often texting two or three times without a response from my side (not typical for a girl THIS HOT).

    After a couple flirty text conversations she said she had to confess something to me. Turns out she's only 19 (i am 24 and have no problem with that). She also lives with her strict parents and cannot go out on weeknights but def wants to do something this weekend. This makes sense as to why she didnt want to go to her place friday night and why she loves to text so much.

    Sunday i did mystery's "hijacked my brain" and she ate it up. Didn't talk to her yesterday but plan on making plans for friday later today.

    After putting this into writing I realize that I'm probably in a better spot than I had thought BUT I do have a few concerns.

    Friday I'm sure we'll end up going to a bar or something. This is the kind of girl that is the hottest girl in the room wherever she goes, absolutely sexy and im a little concerned on how I will keep her attention with a club full of guys going after her.

    Also, if I am going to meet her.. should i bring a wing? Or will that turn into a third wheel...

    Also any advice on targeting a girl with a super strict dad?

    This could be a score of a lifetime guys.... Thanks!!

    Things I somehow skipped over:

    1. She Russian... straight up, speaks english well but with a heavy accent (even sexier). Don't know how this would change things... anyone have experience with russian chicks?

    2. While leaving the club (and still thinking we were going somewhere together) she exclaimed "ohhhh, we're going to get lucky tonight" (we want her to say that again this weekend)

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    Default Re: Next Step?

    Well first of all if she isn't a virgin, then she probably is okay with going against her parents, but you may have to be very careful how you work it.

    If she is a virgin (I am guessing she is especially if she is as hot as you said as it sounds like she may be a little naive), ask yourself if you really want to take that from her if she is just a quick fling. If so, then make sure your intentions are clear. Then invite her to do something that can potentially take a full afternoon. Tell her as much. After you meet, and start getting into the mood, come up with a pretense for inviting her over. She will be much more likely to come because she won't be under the time restriction, and her friend won't be there.

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