Life is pretty good right now, I have failed and been blocked by a lot of 10's you know faced a lot of rejection. But guess what I am back on the comeback trail. I am really hungry so right now I am focusing on doing everything I can to bang some chicks.

St. Paddy's Daygame & Night Game: Training Day

My regular season as I stated is during Summer when I run my gauntlet, sarge like crazy, go buck wild you know what I mean. So this training day thing is not my passion and you will notice with the interactions that take place.

Pick Up changed my life I think I said that before in which I overhauled my Outer Game and bought a fancy new car, joined the gym, and got tatted up for this. And it is continually changing my life. Met some guy last night who I was commenting on his sleeve. I said "I got tattooed for..." "For women" he said and actually finished my thoughts like wow crazy. He also said I should be a male stripper and make a lot of money. It's like wow I am coming into this new powerful image where women want me and I am taking control of my destiny where before being a skinny needy, insecure untatted little pasty wuss I would never be on this level. This is why I love Outer Game but anyway all these things in my Outer Game are working for me which is exactly what I want.

St. Paddy's Daygame
My wingman bailed last minute typical since he is afraid of talking to girls not sure if it was legit or not but we have gone out before either way I never chicken out so I went out.

My weather hot chick theory is pretty spot on. I relate good weather to higher saturation of hot chicks and that is exactly what happened. It was warm yesterday so hot chicks went out in droves! Last year was like totally different. No I mean not a single hot chick did I notice and they were all b!tching about the cold. This year I rocked it.

Again I won't open a 6 or 7 anymore and if I do it will be for a botched set not a phone number or any intention.

So here I was the hidden dragon and in my mind I had this powerful wave of emotion through me. I am a Pick Up Artist in hiding. People don't know this because I look like an innocent bystander staying carefully hidden blending in with the environment like a chameleon is my preferred daygame mentality since things can get awkward and more attention is on you from the outside world when you are macking on chicks in broad daylight. So I like to keep it on the Down Low.

First thought gotta go pee when I got there since it was a big city about 50,000 people attended, all the streets were packed. So I am all spruced up and not even 2 seconds after arrival the first little girl I see was with her dad or something and she was hard creeping on me and was like mouthing "damn" or something like that and licking her lips. Okay creepy.

Get to go pee, feeling good with from the creeper chick but didn't open she was with her dad! Remember I approach sets with ideal circumstances and tend to go for the most promising ventures.


Next mission get beer. Go to my spot and it was hard to get to. Finally make and start the drinking binge. Bottle after bottle and my belt breaks in half? This pissed me off and I knocked into some lady and knock over and break some glass trying to get downstairs but don't even stop to apologize cuz I was trying to figure out my belt. My thoughts try to talk me to getting back to the car to change belts (to be confident and comfortable) but thankfully talked myself out of it cuz I am a perfectionist I decided to stick it out. Anyways ghetto rigged my pants and kept pressing on.

Crazy Town--
So last year even though it was kinda cold I did good with about 3 or 4 opens at my spot but this time around it was pretty dead so I decided to change spots since the bar across the way looked packed. Good idea which panned out. The bartender was hot. Anyways before this I decided to start peacocking. Bought a boa (google it) and the girls went nuts once I took my shirt off.

Let's backtrack to the Pick Up Artist inside my head. I remembered Mystery always saying to demonstrate value even BEFORE the approach so I was slowly building momentum. Anyways I was rocking the boa like a boss. Make it into the bar and girls are starting to scope me hard now.

Bartender is hot. Server was hitting on me when I wrapped my boa around her and said it was turning her on. So still keeping my eye out for hotties but not "trying desperately" to find someone and check every single chick out. Just training day after all. Tried to have fun. Getting puckered so things were getting crazy when I left the bar and time to strut my stuff. Take my shirt off and oh damn things got a little crazy.

This is why I call my gym body and tatts with no shirt my secret weapon. So I unleashed my secret weapon and I hear some chicks swooning in the background. So I begun to strut. Walked by a 4 set, 3 girls and out of nowhere "I totally wanna date you, let's have a baby." This really turned me on but I walk by after all I didn't even have the desire to check them out probably not 10's though. Walked by the parking lot and some hot girl checks hard and whistles like cat calling kinda. I am just like damn what is going on here.

Hidden Dragon Mindset

Not really feeling it I guess (remember Summer is my passion, this was just a warm up). Anyways go down and boom this hot blonde pops up out of nowhere and blocks my way. I have seen this deceptive kinda of flirty behavior before so she was acting like she was blocking me. Anyway I was all hammered and like what the hell is she doing. So she starts grabbing my boa and wrapping it around her, I said I wanted to wrap it around her. We start dry humping and her friends were telling me to get it. I was like what the hell is this. Then she won't tell me her name so I am like screw this bish and bounce. Some chick spilled her drink and blamed it on me then threw her drink on me probably cuz she was jealous I was getting crazy with some hot chick. Anyway everybody saw and said I was having a good time. Then some old lady was telling me to take my pants off.

That was it, tons of attention but no approaches which is kinda what I wanted since I am still trying to figure out my Daygame but I realized I ran my Night Game routine on the day game routine which I should have been direct and just asked her to fvck since we were already dry hopping but instead I was being serious and asked for her name. So this year my Summer Goal is to figure my Daygame mentality out and bring it forward to another level.

Croaching Tiger Philosophy:
My Night Game tends to be better than my Daygame. Anyway get to the Club and I am already wasted so not really checking any chicks out but keeping my eyes open for someone. After all I am more about quality sets than quantity sets. I have already piled up huge numbers so now I just go for 9's and 10's the girls I am really into.

It rolls around to about midnight and this hot chick was dancing with this dude for a while. I gave him a thumbs up. Then she kinda broke off I could she they were just dancing and no talking. So she starts dancing closer and closer to me. I was sitting down resting but I was like dang this bish is hot and she looks horny. Not a bad dancer either. And she was really cute. So screw it, it was the right time.

And here is where we see the reality. I didn't approach that day maybe because I wasn't really finding anyone I was really into. Anyway I like the concept of waiting and not trying to get with everything in sight. So it happens.

Perfect Set with a 10
So I get in there like a croaching tiger waiting for the perfect moment. It hits me. Approach. Saw the signs I needed to. Proximity, AMOG this other guy she is moving away from that she was dancing with, hot, and ready to go.

Move in. Opener nothing fancy but I really felt it. "You look like you are having fun." Nothing over the top of my usual hopeless romantic style but it was the perfect PING. She was ANIME eyes and just boom so focused on me. Gave her a DHV grounding story about the baby comment and the humping some chick in public. Showed her my shirtless pic of this event and she was like you're hot. I was like wow. She asked me what sign I was and she said we are compatible. Got her number. Perfect Set. No regret and even though I was clam slammed by her friend. We were starting to dance and boom she was dragged away. But I kissed her on the cheek (since likely was not feeling the kiss) and she liked that and I said I will text her.

Anyway I haven't texted her yet still thinking about what I want to say. But I texted all these girls last night cuz I was horny. Two online chicks hit me up today and my ex-girlfriend who hated my guts for dumping her is talking to me again. Oh crap she wouldn't go away last time and said her sky had been destroyed so I guess she is really happy and keeps coming back. Anyway I still want to bang the sh!t out of my Ex and have feelings for her so since I don't leave things to fate with women I am not holding out for the 10. I will hookup with my Ex without any delay, I don't care I am tired of counting on "one girl" to come through for me. I ready to just hookup with whoever and do whatever, and say whatever.

By doing this girls are more attracted to me. Because I am not attached to one chick I want them all so they want to tame me. My Ex is a 9 and has tons of dudes after her but I was always her number 1 dreamy guy. Every party, every night I would end up with her at the end of the night. No matter how many guys she always came to me in the end because I just let her do whatever and I would watch guys get jealous of me and get clingy towards her.

So I told her how she felt and she bought it? I don't know what I want I told her. I just want a girl to have fun with. You don't love that guy, you loved me and still do so stop fooling yourself. I said this about her new BF she was saying she loved to the moon and back. This seed in her mind a couple weeks ago that I wrote her all pissed off and I think she totally believes it.

So I texted her last night and now we are talking so she will probably come crawling back but whatever I need to get laid.

End of story and no idea what I am gonna do with the 10 but probably the friends with benefits route.