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    Default what...the...hell

    ok. so I met this girl working at a local clothing store. we struck up a conversation, she gave some IOIs and we talked for a bit. I number closed and we went out on our first date the other night. we went out to eat and it went ok. not a lot of room for Kino, but we had a good night hug.

    fast forward to tonight. I had told her I was going to stop by the clothing store before I had to leave town tomorrow, just to stop by for a bit and say hey. she answered back that she had time to meet up tonight. we ended up talking about a lot of stuff. at some point she brings up a story about where she was in a hotel room and her neighbors were getting it on and she could hear them through the walls. if a woman mentions stuff like this in conversation, is she trying to give me room to talk about it or could she be really open about stuff?

    anyways, the conversation started to dwindle after a couple hours. she didn't drink all her drink, and I took that as a sign that she wasn't interested. the conversation got a little awkward, she became kind of reserved, and frankly I was getting tired. she mentioned near the end of our conversation that she almost got married last year, and we had about a 15 minute conversation about that, and I thought to myself, well she must still be interested if she's telling me this. but shit I don't know. at some point she excused herself to the bathroom. I thought, well maybe I should leave, but then I realized her purse was still there, and if I left no-one would be watching it. I assumed she would be cognizant of this and wouldn't leave it if she expected me to leave. anyways, she comes back, and I told her I basically didn't think she looked like she was having a good time, and I felt like she was sending mixed signals. she calmly smiled and said something, the conversation started to get easier,but then we left and went seperate ways...she didn't want me to walk her to her car.

    she did ask a couple times toward the end when I had to work in the morning. is that a sign??

    shit. any input is appreciated. I'm tired of running over this shit over and over again in my head.

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    Default Re: what...the...hell

    If a girl brings up sex in a conversation, that's a good topic to grab onto to build on commonalities, humor and keep having the idea of sex in her mind and start creating some Tension. Did you escalate on the date?
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    Default Re: what...the...hell

    Maybe she wasn't being reserved, maybe like you, she was tired ...... when a girl asks you what time you have work in the morning it means she wants to wrap it up and get going
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