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    Default chick1 2 3and 4 very sticky situation

    i met a chick at a party saturday, ill call her chick1 we chilled for like an hour total talkin on and off at the party havin a great time, we kept it on the 1st level cause i didnt want to take it sexual because im tryin to get at her roommate ill call chick2 who i knew before her therfore i dont wanna move it too fast so i can play my hand right, but there was obvious sexual Tension between us. a funny side note, before i talked to chick1 i met a dif. chick earlier at the party ill call her chick3. chick3 and i flirted a bit but i left it at that cause she was just my "warm up set" but l8r on in the night i came to discover that chick3 is roommates with chick1 and chick2, and they have a roommate with top 5 sexiest bodies ive ever seen lol . to make the situation stickier she pulls me aside during the party and ask if i like her friend (chick1) cause she thinks im cute, i just laugh it off and say "yes, no, maybe" then give her a sly " i know you wanna fuck me" then my friend pulls me aside ( i know perfect timing). anyway i got chick1 number with plans to hangout in the future, she has a softball game the coming weekend (this weekend) and i have a soccer tourney as well so we fig. we just make it up as we go along since alot of our friends are interlaced. i text her in the afternoon the next day saying "good meeting you last night, had a lot of fun we should hang out next weekend" she replies " nice meeting you too i will be gone next weekend but i will be back the weekend after that" i didnt respond, didnt see a need too. she sent me a friend request on facebook too.

    my concern is that we might lose that "sexual momentum" and me or/and her will kinda lose interest in one another.

    my friend is performing tomorrow night at an open mic. she doesnt know him, how should i invite her to the event? i really want her to show up so we feel more comfortable with each other, that way shes less likely to flake on me in the future.

    thanks in advance fellas

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    PT-Swagger Guest

    Default Re: chick1 2 3and 4 very sticky situation

    just to follow through,

    i fished around asked some friends and fig. the best thing to do was to call her up, she didnt answer so i hung up as to text her my reason for calling instead of leaving a voice mail. while i was texting she text me...

    HB:"hey whatsup im at ruby tuesdays"
    me:"chillin, some friends and i were goin to watch our buddy do an open mic l8r tonight. oh yeah and TGIF is way better "
    hb: "lol i agree but im with the softball team in georgia right now "
    we text a couple times back and forth, b4 i stopped texting back after we reached a high point, i like to be the one to end a conversation.

    um i guess the moral of the story is
    1. its better to call.
    2. its better to toss the invite out there rather than formally inviting as to avoid it seeming like a date so if she declines your offer you can tease her and say "um who said you were invited lol" you can say the same thing even when she accepts the invite.

    happy gaming!

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    Default Re: chick1 2 3and 4 very sticky situation

    bravo.. well done (i think you did great).

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