11 of 30: What’s up, Cuz?

It’s amazing how far a little self-analysis can take us sometimes. I’ve been meeting women lately but running my game in a very haphazard fashion because my camera crew and project producer have been out of town. What’s the point if it’s not for video? Because my guys are back in town I decided to breakdown my game to find out why I wasn’t creating epic awe inspiring interactions recently. Women just haven’t been head over heels when they meet me recently. It’s been throwing me off a little.

I sat down reread my own field reports and it jumped out at me right away. For some reason, I have been delaying introducing sexuality. I’m assuming my conversational game is tight enough that women won’t walk away from me. Note to self: Hey Kino your seduction method is called “The Bombshell” jackass. It’s completely based off of building rapid sexual attraction. I’ve spent the past week preparing the past week to run my game in the pure style I built it on years ago.


I am at one of my favorite nightspots and I see a very attractive two set and I approach with a picture I took of a drunk girl passed out under a car, this past week. “And this is why I love New Mexico” as I show them the picture. Their jaws drop and hilarity ensues.

While this got me in conversation with the lovely women, it’s not a topic that’s going to last. I use my “Two Cheaters” opener as a follow up. Like clockwork, they respond and give me an opportunity to make the conversation about them.


They responses they give me are for the “Two Cheaters” opener is pretty classic. So I ask them, if they would call each other out in the same scenario and they looked each other in the eye and said “No” and started explain that they would support each other no matter what because they are so close. In fact, they are cousins. I say “Oh, you’re cousins.” and do the palm flash and a quick cold read. They eat this up and I nailed them, one’s very mellow and laid back and the other is emotional and crazy.


They are stoked about the palm flash so now it’s time to move into the Attraction phase. I introduce "The Castle" and run it on Crazy Cuz first. I make sure a do the relationship qualifier, her response is “Well, I’m not really in a relationship we’ve just been seeing each other” (IOI). Since Crazy Cuz is hot, compliant and mostly single??? I run “The Hidden Room” routine with lots of heavy kino. She’s eating this up and when I’m done, she is very impressed and says you have to do my cousin. (Oh, I’m planning on it.) I run “The Castle” routine on Sexy Cousin.

Both cousins, have bought in and they start to ask me questions. I tell them “Look, the best way to get to know someone is to learn all their dirt.” I suggest we play my “Confessions” game. They sweet part about this game is it allows the girls to control where the conversation goes and Crazy Cuz made it sexual really fast. She took it to a place that I couldn’t have done on my own.

I had to answer mother nature’s call and I excuse myself from the set. When I return to where they were they had left but my buddy and his girl where there. I chat them up and the girls return shortly after. Crazy Cuz sits down and leaves Sexy Cuz and I standing. Some guy comes along and chats up Crazy Cuz. Awesome, I start chatting up Sexy Cuz one on one. Clearly she’s into me and asks if, SHE CAN BUY ME A DRINK. I highlight this because of the significant shift in the typical paradigm this represents. I told her I would prefer a dance and she tells me she doesn’t like to dance because she looks awkward. I tell her to look me in the eye and tell me she doesn’t want to dance. She can't and giggles like a school girl. We are on the dance floor and Crazy Cuz says you dance with her. Clearly, the girl coding has taken place. They know which one I’m after.


This girl is 21 a month shy of 22 actually. She’s beautiful, perfect, in her prime, just flaming hot. We dance and I start my “Dance Floor Kino Escalation”. I get to the point where I kiss her neck and she must have decided I was going too slowly. She forcefully started to move my hands all over her body. She led my hands over her ass, tits, stomach, thighs, and just inches from her cookie. It’s magic, I just need to kiss her. I tell her let’s play a game, you have five seconds to slap me or kiss me (stolen from youtube). She say’s “I’m not going to slap you.” I replied, “Good, so kiss me.”

She wouldn’t kiss me. I was very surprised actually. Instead, she squeezed me super close and forced my hand to her ass and made me squeeze it super hard about 3 times. WTH??? We continued dry humping for quite some time and she shooed away her cousin about three times. She was not leaving my side for anything.


After the dance floor, without saying a word I handed her my phone on the contacts screen and she entered her number. We grabbed more drinks and went to the patio area where we first met. She starts telling me how interesting I am, and how made her night, the same old stuff. I decide it’s time to drop the Bomb. “You’ve got me curious. I want to know what’s fun for you, what excites you, what turns you on, what makes you soaking wet, what makes you laugh until you snort.”

She laughs, she gasps, she squeezes me close. And then she explains why she won’t kiss me which is funny because I didn’t mention it. Then she starts to disqualify herself. You won’t think I’m too immature? You’re on TV and you have a book, and that guy’s your publisher, I’m just a (entry level job). (I didn’t mention those things, my publisher told her these things while I was in the restroom.) I had to put an end to this nonsense.I look her in the eye, are you mature enough to enjoy yourself? Well yes, she said. So enjoy it and leave it at that.


I walk her and her cousin outside until Crazy Cuzs non-boyfriend shows up. We exchange a few innocent on the cheek kisses and she’s off. I wish I had some epic finale but it is what it is fellas.