buddied up with this chick in advanced education. she is way cool and is a bit outside the system like me. i cop a bit of grief from most babes even if only flirtingly. this chick so respects me and it is genuine and as she is like very very hot, alot of other girls who have been rude to me are now seeing us hanging out a lot and they clearly look like dickheads. my girl doesn't need to worry about others.... she digs me and respects me and loves that i listen. i think she is so hot that no blokes have ever known how to listen to her. i couldn't care less. i am a listener

i still have heaps of chicks on my "to do" list and i don't know how i feel about this detour. i take it as it comes i guess. i am not writing this to brag. maybe i am saying i think every blue moon an absolute honey comes along and she may stay and she may go. i am lucky just for today and i aint counting anything.

i know who i am and how i will always be and my cat is still my best mate. i am charged by a higher spirit to write and play guitar and i don't question my karma. i can so naturally get a chick chatting sometimes i always have. my best mates sister 6 years older and her mates used to get me on the phone so they could chat. i love talking just for the sake of a chin wag and chicks rock.

so this chick i am seeing now.... dunno whats gonna happen. i like her heaps. i don't know if i can say i love as those i really loved all died and 2 of them at 22. so i look after myself pretty well. i am a survivor. i am so lucky to be seeing a chick atm who actually has my interest and attention