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    johanb Guest

    Default what changed during the time I left ?

    hey everyone,

    so here is the deal. Had an horrible break-up with my last gf couple of weeks ago, and after some time passed by I decided to get over here and started gaming again. BUT... ended up in a couple of weirds situation, that just didn't happen before.

    here an extract of girls I closed in the last couple of weeks:

    chick 1, during holidays last month, we didn't know each other, were staying at a friends place, went together to a bar, talked, danced, k-close. Game was on like in the old days, all the reflex were all right, the steps, the kino, the jokes, the routines, etc. Then we meet my friend, split not to tell her we just made out, had a nice night (with the whole hidden-kino thing, etc.). Then the days after... nothing. Some weird mood at the beginning, some "what is happening" looks, but that's it

    chick 2: it's a girl I met a couple of times but can't really call a friend; we k-close at a party the week after my break-up, she acted drunk and sluty (sucking my fingers in a naughty way in the kitchen while turning her back to the people in the room, and dragging me to the bathroom afterwards, etc.). Texted me the day after "hey what's up how are you doing blablabla", so we texted during the day, didn't try to set up a date as there was no possibility to meet (bad logistics due to holidays and flights home for both of us) so I sticked to flirting and building comfort. She didn"t answer my question to when she is supposed to fly back so I just let it go. 5-6 weeks later, she invites me to a party that starts with drinks at her place "only with very close friends" (clear strong IOI, as I don't really know her). We spent the evening trying to hook her friend up with some guy, and as soon as we were alone she jumped on me. We made out for kind of a long time, at some point she says she can't wait, jumps on my pants and put my d*** out, gimme a HJ, then freak out and leave. That was like 10 days ago, since then, text game (initiated by her), she says she liked the night, would like to hang out but we can't meet (exam, work , became sick: always some reason not too meet).

    chick 3: yesterday, went to a party with lots of people from my "'extended" social circle (former classmates, etc...). Talk to that girl, I really liked her. Things go well, routines, multiple threading, etc. Some of the girls in the room passed by to interrupt us, to tell her "take care, he's dangerous, he's a player, blablabla" in a funny way, everytime I am talking to s.o else I feel or see her looking at me from far in the room, lots of our discussions interrupted by HB 6 to 8 (she's around 7-8) arriving to the party hugging me "hey, didn't see you for ages" or "hey, so good to see you" , etc. She basically saw girls talking to / hugging me the whole night, I almost didn't talk to the guys (out of a couple of good old friends), and they were all coming to me (this is why you shall befriend all the girls, even if you don't really want to close them). We hit it off, she initiates kino everytime we "meet again", etc. So Sh1tloads of IOIs, and we basically spend half the party together. Around 4:30am or sth, a bunch of us leave the place, once on the street she leaves her friend to walk with me because "it's my way, it's a shortcut" (no it clearly isn't). I ended up walking her home, while we made out (passionately) all the way. So you're thinking: everything is fine, right ? I did too... we arrived in front of her place, she says goodbye (stating she's tired and doesn't want me to go upstairs - for now). 2-minute good-bye make-out session, she stops it, akward looks, I say "well, I assume I'll see you soon" with a smile, and she walks in saying... "yeah, maybe" making it sounds like "yeah, that won't happen". SO I grabbed a cab thinking.... WTF ? Trashed to the garbage after tight game and one of the highest pile of IOI ever ?? (eventhough I do recognize the unexpected akward mood at the very end made me loose track a bit and I might have sound AFC on that one... but come on ! that shouldn't have been relevant at that point)

    regarding the next steps:

    chick 1: whatever; she might move to my town in a couple of weeks, but I don't care.

    chick 2: I stopped texting for a couple of days, and initiated it back without asking for an encounter. She's flying abroad in a couple of days for a week, had her commit to bring me some stuff from back there; worst case scenario: it doesn't work, and I get a gift I won't contact her anymore from now one, she'll have to move her ass

    chick 3: I don't really know what to do. Add her on FB ? Initiate whatever contact ? Do nothing and wait for our next encounter? (according to stalkbook we have ca. 30 common friends, so we shall be able to "accidently" bump into each other soon) I am enclined to go for the last option.

    got another party tonight, so I'll (hopefully) go to chick 4

    I am wondering: are my skills down due to lack of training (eventhough I do get some results), or is my inner game down due to my emotionnal state ? I still like/love my ex, who keeps telling / texting me she misses me... my current aim in the game is not to find a new g/f (for now), it's more to move on, date a bit, and have a couple of MLTR, etc. all in all: have fun.

    So, what's your opinion on that guys ? and do you validate my next steps ?

    Another quick point: before my last relationship, I had this rule of never ever asking a girl for her phone number, always waiting for her to do it and / or creating the conditions for her to ask it (without seeming needy). This way I had less numbers than most of my friends, but no flakes, and all text game was easy, dates easy to plan, etc... because having her ask for a way to meet again implies she's investing in you, etc. (you all know the theory investment and implied investment are just basic pillars of my game, I look for that a lot).
    But since the break up a couple of weeks ago.... It ain't working anymore. The whole thing almost works, I feel they are all just about to ask, but don't. I don't succeed to create the thing that pulls the trigger.
    I believe I have to stick to that rule, because it was one of the key component of my game, but.... I really could have closed twice as many girls lately. At the end of the day, I didn't really care about those anyway, so was I right not to forget my principles ?

    what's your opinion on that guys ?

    thanks in advance for your answers and comments ! And thanks for having read all this

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: what changed during the time I left ?

    it looks as though you are right in the game mate. don't start looking for an emergency exit now. you are in this game right up to your eyeballs brother so its about that time you got a few rows back and surveyed the whole scene (which you just started doing)

    well done. well played. you are right on target.

    keep opening more if you can. some will drop off, some will escalate and i guess it hits that time to start considering what our goals are... what do i really want from my gaming?

    there are no goals or achievements that are wrong other than ending the game. as billy the kid said, "I will finish the game" and the game never really ends. the adventure keeps going on where the journey is that infinite destination

    that is not to say that if you sew your seeds with one dame that you cheat on her regardless, but never stop working on yourself. sexuality is but one facet of the person and our most vital energy manifests through the sex instinct. it is our link to our magick

    i get the feeling mate your adventures aren't over in this area so hang loose and stay ready for what may come along. i am in my mid-thirties and i never intend to get married. my game and goals are centred around my creativity in writing and music. i work one on one with people with drug and alcohol problems and i am very very good at it. i have no intention of hooking up with chicks through this work. i do need girlS for inspiration - especially with writing

    my creativity is the journey, that destination i am always at or need never reach

    women come and women go just like employment. who wants to burdened with a job for the rest of their lives? to me being in a job and getting long service would be proof that i dipped out and missed the point of what life is about. get the analogy? true for me anyway

    i enjoyed reading all of your report and i often don't enjoy reading the long accounts. you are right in the game though and it sounds like a few of your skill sets are getting a work out in each and all of these scenarios.

    good work. keep me posted if you want. thanks for relating it all to me

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    Default Re: what changed during the time I left ?

    Your on the right path dude. It took me a little while to shake off my divorce and get it out of my head. But once I got past it it was lik I never missed a step. Just keep working at it and it will all come back.

    As for your number thing; I do the same thing with my job, I don't want to ask for numbers at work( woulmt look good if I did) so I build attraction and make them bite. They will ask for it if they are into you. Never tried it when I was out though.

    Good hunting let us know if you need help.

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: what changed during the time I left ?

    Had a really good day today mate for stopping in with multiple girls and hanging out and them being totally cool that i turned up to see em as you do friends and got talking on all the couple type subjects and each of these chicks was so wrapt that i had come et al... just a really nice thing to deal with. no closing but the rapport is sweet and i have a new hand of cards so to speak.

    i met one chicks father and i stopped my self closing up and i thought nah i should charm him too and half way into the convo i thought man Laura's old man is a dude and i decided i didn't mind the father at all. that is sorta pretty cool when you dig a chicks family.... says a lot about her

    played with a few and met family members of a few and they all seem to think i am pretty nice guy though i wonder if they ever say where the fuck did that stray coyote come from??? who does he belong to??

    i think i am a bit of a local celeb now. some chicks told me i was when i chatted them all up individually in their workplaces and then they cottoned that they all knew me. and they loooved it.

    I will keep surviving mate. i have no doubt your divorce must have been a real trauma for you. you must be doing ok if you are putting one foot in front of the other and having a go at this thing again. good onya mate

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