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Thread: Being Champion

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    Hey guys, I figured I would create a thread here to document my interactions and progress. Feel free to constructively critique my game.

    Last night I went to my friends mothers 50th birthday. There were only two girls both are off limits. Naturally I still took advantage of the situation to work on generating attraction.

    Girl A: Host's family friend. Does not pass binary test.

    To my surprise one of my friends said to Girl A as I was just naturally talking to her that I'm trying to be a pickup artist (I completely disagree my goal is to increase my social standing). I freaked and felt my social proof was destroyed for the evening and reluctantly used Gambler's Irresistible Asshole material to recover, "What my Bro here is saying, is have you ever met those guys who just want to meet a woman and sleep with her on the first night, then never see her again?" "I've heard of the type but never met one." "Well it's your lucky night." and I shook her hand.

    Two minutes later she was entering her number into my phone and received plenty of Kino IOIs.

    Girl B: Friends new girlfriend. Gorgeous.

    This girl is extremely friendly and I stumbled on a way to open differently.
    When I was introduced to Girl B she was holding a drink in her right hand. After shaking the other members of the set's hand she attempted to shake my left hand. I refused as it is incorrect to shake left handed. Instead I insisted to "pinky shake", while saying "This is legit, we're tight forever now." in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. Straight away she was giggling and touching my arm.


    Girl B's Boyfriend's (My good friend's) Mother:

    I realized I had a successful night meeting these new girls, taking the attention and attraction, moving back and forth from Girl A to Girl B as our group mixed in different ways. Girl A would press her leg against mine and Girl B would touch my arm more and more through out the night.

    Then my friends mother takes me to the side and says to me: "I see you, you're smart and manipulative. I do not condemn you and I think you're a nice guy. But do not step on my territory." I could only respond with: "I don't understand what you're worrying about, but I'm not a threat." Then re-entered my group.

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    Default Re: Being Champion

    The other night was my first really fast kiss and the first time I started feeling natural.

    I entered a mixed group knowing only one guy from work and very quickly generated enough social proof for one of the girls to start gaming me.

    As I was sitting comfortably across two seats on the train talking to a guy and girl I heard "Don't you look comfortable?" from another female member of the group. She then insisted on making me move to sit normally. After I refused she sat on my lap. Making comments on how light she was. It was clearly game on.

    I dropped a few negs going in on same name teasing her friends were making.

    The next 2 hours before the kiss involved me teasing her:

    At one point she teased me for not having a seat. I simply asked her best friend sitting next to her for a seat. After she offered her lap, I rejected and asked for her seat and for her to sit on my lap. She accepted. Sending the target crazy jealous.

    About 1.5-2 hours in we were about to kiss, but a mixture of dehydration and feeling too early made me fake out. Receiving a response of "You're difficult, lets get another drink."

    I had a fun conversation with her after she told me she was studying Criminology. She told me she loved what made murderers think. After talking about it for a bit I turned this into a discussion about what she thought the people in the club were thinking. "Geeky Guy: I hope these glasses look sexy", "Guy dressed crap with good shoes: I've got good shoes what else do I need?" etc.

    The Number Close worked very well, her friend came up to us and started talking to her about some party, I pushed in saying I should come, who wants my number. The target very quickly said I'll take it.

    She started coming on stronger, grabbing my ass, taking photos with me, holding my hand wherever we walked (This made it more fun to bounce her around different locations) I was loving every second of making her wait.

    After moving to another club it felt right to go in, we started dancing for a bit and then she needed to go find her friend. After she found her friend we started standing near a wall. I used a bit of Gamblers material: Checking out her nails and placing her arms against the wall with a giggle, then we moved in for the kiss.

    The rest of the night involved dancing and making out. Even though I felt it was on, at about 6 hours in we both went home as we had work early in the morning. Maybe next time.

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    Default Re: Being Champion

    Off to deal with an AMOG and take his future girl if I don't intervene fast... Wish me luck guys.


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