so this past weekend wasnt very a bad, i managed 5 number closes, 1 kiss close, and and D2 so overall the efforts wernt really bad coming to think of it.
it started off on friday, this thread mght be very long as i will briefly try to eexplain each encounter.

girl 1
this girl was a waitress at a new spot that opened and my friends and were having drinks there. she kept looking at me and i decided to call her over for a bit of chit chat but il just start where things started getting interesting

me: so when was the last time a stranger just groped your ass
her: (laughs) its never happened in a while
me: your ass would look cute in heels
her: hahaha thanks
me: so how good are you with your lips
her: laughs , im an 12/10
me: really? you know what would be nice though
her: lol what
me : feeling the warmth of your lips and tongue wrapped around my dick
her: laughs , and walks away

she walks away and comes back after two minutes saying she cant believe i said that, but i could tell she liked it because she kept on smiling , i number closed her and told her i want her to do something all humans do, and that she should go take a piss like everyone does, she laughed and walked straight to the bathroom and i followed her but i just kissed her because she was on duty working and she was scared they would come looking for her.

girl 2, is the girl whom i got the number and visited her after 3 days . but i must admit i was a wuss as we were alone in her room but i didnt do anything, she must really be disapointed in me as she was really interested in our conversation. but it is not the end of the world so il learn from that.

the other girls were just number closes and havent really attempted much but il do that over text.

the point of this report is to demonstrate that numbers dont lie, the more numbers or approaches you make, the more likely to get laid ,