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    Dandy Guest

    Default My gaming experience so far.

    Ok, not quite sure if I should put this in the Introduction section or keep it to Field Reports, though its not really just 1 or 2 girls were talking about, but rather my venture into the game over the past 3 months. Ive been gone from the forums for quite some time due to beeing out and about trying game and not stay inside reading about it.

    So heres my story so far;

    When I started I read all different kind of books about seduction, body language, psychology etc, I wanted to learn it all before I started going out.. I soon realized this was a mistake, one which I luckily corrected in the beginning of January.. Because man.. Do you learn from being in the field !

    I cant say my aa is gone, and I believe my conversational skills arent as good as they should, because sometimes I just run out of things to say and we get an awkward pause, not the tensionbuilding pause. I find myself a lot more talkative and spontanous when ive had a few beers, but I try going out sober all the time to better see what im doing wrong/right so I can correct/build on it later on. This will improve over time, I know it will.

    Now, we all got into the game for different reasons, mine was to get laid, but I feel it has changed to beeing more about understanding girls and beeing able to choose who I want when I want it. Im no PUA but if I want, I can get laid, I know that now and its a huge load off my shoulders when going out, because I no longer worry about it. And no, none of them were physically challenged (Im not gonna brag and say they were all HB10's because they werent. But none were lower than a 6, lol.. and that one was basically not even intended. Dont ask..)

    Ive also noticed ive started becoming a lot more picky, finding faults with girls that I previousely would have thought was beautiful suddenly dropped to a HB8 due to some miniscule thing about theire appearance, and especially if I talk to them and they come off as boring or unintelligent.. 3 months back, I would have still tapped that but now I just loose interest, even if its just for that one night.

    Now part of my sudden success would have to be credited to me often going to the same bar, atleast at the start of the evening. I now know all the bartenders, bouncers and even have my VIP card, and due to beeing there that often I know a lot of people that go there too so I get social proof by just popping by and greeting everyone.
    This has gotten me a lot of attention from girls, and I often get the "Hey, havent I seen you around here before ?".

    Ive tried daygame, not sure if its my thing because people are so overprotected and always in a hurry it just doesnt feel natural to stop them, but during nightgame mostly everyone are open for a conversation.
    Going on a holiday to Spain the 22nd of March for 2 weeks, hopefully Spanish girls are more open to day game, im definatively gonna try it out. Must admit, im looking forward to trying nightgame in a different country.

    Gaming has changed my life in other aspects aswell, I am a much more sociable guy both at work and in private. Due to spending time reading body language, I feel its easier to have a conversation with people and read situations even before words are exhanged.
    I feel more confident, more alive and I have a lot more fun now than before. I can truly say its been a change for the better.

    Feel free to comment how you feel the gaming experience has changed you.

    Im gonna head out now, theres a happening I dont wanna miss, hope youre all having an awesome time.

    /Game On

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    King Inkling Guest

    Default Re: My gaming experience so far.

    nice post man!

    glad to see its going well for you,

    i definitely need to be getting out more in the week, weekends im getting results but its also kind of a side project to having a storming fun night out till what ever hour. this is all good and compared to my nights out 4 months back, i have lots more fun and meet some cool chicks. however, its not so good for learning (as you said.. kinda drunk!)

    let the good times roll


    pasa lo bien en espana con los culitos tan lindos!

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    zachary22 Guest

    Default Re: My gaming experience so far.

    Hi there!

    Bill always tells me on facebook to let the world in , so I decided to post two field reports from last weekend. I am in the Game since october 2009, but I only started active sarging just about two months ago. Now, back to the original topic.
    Last friday: I was at my sister's birthday party in Budapest, Hungary. She invited all kinds of friends, collegaues,etc. there was this brunette, about 5,5 tall, nice face. My sister was telling me about her earlier and I knew I would like her, so when she popped up, I initiated the game. By the time our company went dancing she already had her hand on my arm (she was asking for it!) and she came to dance with me on the floor, alone. I guess this is where I fucked up,because later on, I could not Number Close her. Conclusion drawn: improve dancefloor game. Solution: I asked a good girl-friend of mine to come over tomorrow and help me how to move with girls on the floor.
    Next day: It was another party in another town called, Pécs in the south of Hungary. We went to a club, where I opened an indefinite three set with the crazy dance opener. I tried to escalate but it might have been too early. Conclusion: improve dancefloor opening with strange girls.
    That is it. Please answer. If you have any hints or tips I am more than glad to hear them!

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