I was at my friends (girl) birthday party, let's call her Paula, I've seen her roughly 4 times, I didn't create any attraction the first times we met because at the time her friend had a crush on me and that would have ruined their friendship if I would have tried anything with Paula. I hadn't spoken to Paula in a month and she decides to invite me to her party, I thought yeah sure why not, she also invited 2 of my close friends as well, we went to the party, there were about 2x more guys and girls. One of my friends interact with Paula almost everyday for a couple of months now, yet he didn't even try to create any attraction what so ever, I asked why he wasn't trying at least and he couldn't give me a straight answer (he is known to be a very friendly guy, yet too plutonic and too timid to even go for a kiss), I thought that was pretty odd and figured he wasn't interested in her in that way. As we arrived, everyone was already there, we were the last ones to come, everybody was still pretty sober. I began talking to Paula, to her female and male friends who I've seen for the first time, in the back of my mind I knew that I was going to try and create attraction between the two of us right after I accepted the invitation to her party. I asked Paula if she wanted to go for a walk, she said yes, we went to sit on the dock of a river that was nearby, didn't really have a great conversation that was so mindblowing that was going to make her fall head over heels for me, was kind of dry and just discussed some boring factual stuff. We decided to go back to the party, she said that she got a cramp and can't walk right now, I said that I'll carry her back to the party (was a minute long walk so didn't get really tired) but I knew that if I was sucking up to her that would be very unattractive so I said:
-You're only getting carried if you promise you'll be a good girl and behave
-I will, I promise.

Even thought I was being pretty plutonic this whole time, after we arrived back to the party, I thought to myself.. What am I doing, I shouldn't be fucking around like this and decided that it's go time. We had a few more drinks, started dancing (which was good because it was a useful tool to create a lot of Kino) the three of us (Paula me and her female friend) started talking, and I was trying not to show too much overt interest in Paula and gave the two of them 50/50 of my attention. I began being a little more flirty, asked for her compliance by grabbin' me a snack or giving me a drink, I knew that she was beginning to feel attraction for me a little bit, we started dancing some more which was again also a great way to create even more attraction by using kino. From the moment we came back to the party from the river I was treating her as if she has to be the one to try to get my attention and not me sucking up to her. I said that I was going to take a walk, I didn't ask her if she wanted to come, she insisted on coming with me, we went like 50metres away from the party, I sat down, she sat down, 2 seconds later, she wraps her arm around me and starts kissing me, we were making out for a few minutes. I was the one to always pull away when we were making out to show her than a kiss from a woman isn't a reward for me, but rather my gift to them. Besides the making out we didn't do anything else (she was on her period), we walked back to the party, started talking to a few of my friends, a few minutes later she comes back, sits near me, we started making out again, she obviously didn't care anymore what anyone thinks due to the built up attraction. She said that I was quite the ladies man, couldn't tell if it was sarcasm or not so I tried not to react too much to that, everyone went to sleep, so did we.

The next day, we were just interacting as if nothing happened, a couple hours later everyone went home, just when I was about to go to sleep (cause I had slept for 1-2hours), she texts me asking if I want to go to a club with her and her other 2 friends, even though I had barely slept.. I thought why not? Before we went to the club they had bought a couple of bottles of champagne, which effect I didn't even feel. As I said, she had invited 2 of her friends (their gf and bf), the guy said that he wants to talk to me, he asked me if I like Paula, I said I don't know how to answer yet, I don't know her that well yet, he said that doesn't matter and said that he had heard Paula and her friend talking about me, that even though Paula likes me, she thought I was being to romantic..? He said I should stop being so romantic (even though I wasn't even trying, I was just being me the whole time) and said that I should be more masculine because a woman needs a man, not a boy. Great advice, and his words were stuck in my mind for the whole night, couldn't exactly relax only until we reached the club, it was either because of his words or because my body was begging for sleep. We arrived at the club, I managed to relax and find some energy to have a good time and dance, later my friend comes to pick me up, the three of them decided to stay, as I was saying good bye to everyone, as I was saying bye to Paula, she said good night, we kissed, and I left.

I know that some of my mistakes the next day could have been avoided if I was well rested, but I wasn't even aware of some of them until I was told I made them (talking about being too romantic). So any feedback would be very helpful, also that guy was right, I can sometimes be too much of a nice guy, so any tips on how to be more masculine but not to a point where you're a complete jackass?