Hi guys! Only 3 weeks back in the game and I've got some decent field report results...check out my intro if you like https://www.puaforums.com/new-member...back-game.html

OK, last Saturday night I had enough of laying low after my break up and decided to text an old friend and go out. Hit a couple bars with him and started warming up. Talked to a couple rocker-chicks (6's) outside a local metal bar, busted their balls a bit about their tattoos, allowed them to offer me a cigarette and moved on. Ran a couple more quick warm up sets and was just getting into things, when my friend tells me he had to leave for the evening. Feeling slightly defeated, I began to walk back to my car. On the way, however, I spot a co-worker of mine (male), on his way into a dance club. Jumping in line with him, I went to work as soon as we got in the door.

I was in there for probably 20 minutes. Meeting his friends, dancing, just having fun and laughing. As I'm walking back from the bar I spot 3 HBs sitting in a couch alcove, all three with their heads buried in their cell phones. I approach, and sit directly across from them (about 10:00 direct) and say:
Me: Ladies! This is not the way we communicate is it? We're in a club! Let's get socializing!
Girls: Ha Ha, Oh these phones blah blah
Two of the girls immediately put down their phones and engage me in a conversation. At this point my target (HB9) was still buried in her phone, so I continue to talk to her friends and giving them the attention. Finally after the other two had laughed a few times HB9, put her phone down and tried to join in the fun.
Me: Oh I see, I get your friends laughing and all of a sudden youre miss congeniality? (playful push on knee)
HB9: Hey I'm friendly too! Blah blah
Me: Oh yeah, youre just the type that needs a little warming up first
I continue the push pull at this point, focusing more attention on HB9 until I had her undivided attention and the other 2 talked amongst themselves.
Me: Oh I really like your glasses! The cute nerd look is way in! (More playful Keno)

When the conversation started to wane a tenth of a degree, I say to HB9 that I have to get back to my friends, but she was obviously really fun to talk to. I handed her my phone with the contacts screen opened and she delivered on the number. N-close on first attempt back in the game.

She entered her name FIRST NAME (cute glasses) LAST NAME and her number. A very good sign.

2 Days later i text her:

ME: LOL! HB! I just realized you included 'cute glasses' when you put your name in my phone! I felt very comfortable chatting with you Saturday, it was nice.

HB9: ...Mackzima?? Haha just kidding. Yes I included that detail as per your request. I'm surprised you liked it, considering you had to drag my attention away from my phone
You werent to hard to talk to yourself.

ME: Mackzima? Who's Mackzima? How many guys did you give your number to? (Push-pull)
LOL j/k. Yeah once you put your phone down you warmed up. Love a fun chat with someone who can banter

HB9: Haha yeah I'm good at bantering (qualifier..nice)
I don't often give my number out. (more qualifier, ASD)

ME: Hehe, I got the sense you're the feisty one. And you smiled at me a lot..so I went for it.
Elaborate on 'not often'. You didn't seemed to mind when I asked

HB9: yeah i got things to say haha! Well you put your hand on my leg a lot, so I mean its kinda your fault really.
OK. Hardly Ever? (more qualifiers)

ME: I take full responsibility, HB9

HB9: Good....working today?

Texts move off into a little small talk where i dhv a bit about my career (I spend a bit of time in the outdoors) Text her a pic of a cool view...whatever.

At the end, I make a date for the following Monday, when we're both free. Sweet. I end with this:

ME: OK HB9 we'll be in touch
Try and get by until then OK? I know how loose you are with that number of yours

HB9: Sounds good. I'll try and hold onto my number until then

A few days later, to keep the attraction going because there will be 10 days between personal meetings:

ME: You jsut popped into my head so Hi...now please stay out of there

HB9: Haha from now on I'll try my best

ME: You better, trying to get some work done here

HB9: Don't want to interrupt you making a living

ME: LOL sometime I can make exceptions. For certain individuals

HB9: You in ******? (She knows I had to travel a few days for work)

ME: Yeah! Lving the hotel life..ballin

HB9: Oh yeah? decked out in a suite?

ME: A Suite!!? Youve never been to ****** have you? (podunk town)

HB9: Haha no I havnt, but Ive heard things....

ME: All true!

HB9: Do you at least have a mini fridge?

ME: YEah! Where else would I keep drinks for all the ladies

HB9: OK good you need a mini fridge

ME: Wow you must be a real boozy

HB9: I enjoy my alcohol, drinking tonight actually

ME: Oh......one of those....uh oh

HB9: One of what?!?


HB9: You enjoy drinking too! Don't lie!

ME: Yeah but I cant keep up with nurses (she told me she was a nurse)
But I can try

HB9: Yeah, you can try on Monday

At this point I dropped text. All ready for Monday at this point, I think.