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    Default King Cobra status report & Clothing Store Pick Up

    As I said MPUA.

    Did I say it?


    Anyway here goes nothing.

    Yes I have failed and by no means am I great Pick Up Artist but simply put I am becoming a PUA that I can be proud of.

    The Story?

    Maybe you have hard about my epic failures maybe not. Well apart of this is I go to ONE Designer Clothing store all the time and got massively blown out by Laura a chick who never once gave me an IOI but I took it upon myself to always bug her and sometimes just came in to see her.

    One day I made it a big huge deal and asked for her number at the register.


    I mean hot dang. So anyway I regrettably got Oneitis so bad I was losing sleep and not eating. Obsessing and asking Laura's friends about her "if she liked me" man how I have changed. I tried desperately to impress Laura by telling her how much money I made, foolishly.

    Not too long ago I met another chick at the Buckle outlet and her name was Caitlyn and she hit on me hardcore but I didn't know how to engage and was caught off guard so I crashed and burned pretty hard again by asking for the number in a needy way.


    I cut the B.S. I mean I can pull any number from the hottest chick at the Bar, Club, and now Amusement Park. I mean easy like taking candy from a baby. So I am always upping the ante.

    This year as I said over and over and over.

    Is about the 10!!!!

    Now as I said I devoted myself to Pick Up and got tatted up and hit the Gym. Been going to the Gym for 2 years now. So I am always looking to look my best in any situation due to the factors of wanting/needing to Pick Up Women.

    So this year I am very happy to report 5 out of 6 of my 10's have approached me!

    So I guess you can see where this is going. I was approached yet again!

    Not only have I been approached by 4 different HB10's this year again this is unprecedented as this is the first year any of this stuff happened. Again last year I was approaching 9's but because I am getting so so good it is coming to me now. Coming to me.

    That guy I just told you about begging for chick's numbers?

    Girls now are throwing them in my face!

    So today I was approached by a female attendant who was hot as hell itself. However I made it no intention to flirt with her as I was on a mission and actually just ignored her because I can close almost any number I want and frankly the Buckle is a hit or miss.

    But she saw things differently.

    Was looking at shirts and dude came in. Felt present in the moment and spoke my mind and actually found self-amusement without the girl this caused her to scurry off because I was talking to dude.

    So then dude helped me to dressing room and she went and found me a pair of jeans. She took it upon herself because I didn't ask for jeans.

    Threw them over the wall. This is how it went.

    Girl:"I saw you were wearing a pair of Tyler's so I picked these out for you."
    Me: "Cool"
    Girl runs off and I start talking to myself in the dressing room
    Me: "How did she know what kind of jeans I am wearing!!!"
    That creep I thought snickering to myself silently
    Girl comes back
    Girl: "How did those work out?"
    Me: "How did you know what jeans I wore?"
    Girl "How did I what?"
    Me: "How did you know what jeans I wore?"
    Girl "Because I am awesome!"
    Me: "You must have a good eye."

    So I go to the register but I have been down this route many times with many girls before. Saw her there at the Jeans. I thought for sure I was gold to ask her to ring me up but made a last second decision to say fvck it and just ignore the hell out of her as it felt too damn needy. If she needs me she needs me.

    Go up and who comes wrangling up to the register? Her majesty!

    Okay she was hitting on me at this point, yep 5th approach this year from a 10! So you know the conversations you have with chicks you don't know and they just go through the motions. Did you find everything okay. Great. Ring you up. Any plans for the day. Have a good day. Boom. Bang you out.

    Then there's those special connections when sh!t is going down with a female. You know this because you feel the attraction mounting. So here we have that in perfect form.

    I played it cool and I succeeded but the point being is I don't always play it cool Sometimes I am Gung Ho and approaching them and succeeded so it is all about being true to how I feel in the moment and this is how I felt. And here since my target showed several IOI's at this point and was clearly hitting on me I took advantage.

    Girl: "Still looking for something?"
    She can tell I am distracted man what a good girl!
    Me: "Yeah just one thing."
    Girl: "Okay"

    Came back and saw she was still waiting so I was like fvck it I am going all in. PUA MODE. Here is where my attraction switches were triggered and I engaged the target successfully.

    PUA: "What's your name."
    TARGET: "Bae"
    PUA: "Do you spell that B A E?" It was a really funky name I never heard before! I am using a substitution.
    TARGET: "YES!" Man she was so overly excited! I always wing my openers and man she PINGED HARD.
    PUA: "Do you get that a lot?" Laying the mack on!
    TARGET: "They usually spell it...."
    Still distracted I was playing with my phone since I was over spending and making a balance transfer. She was being a creeper and was seeing what I was typing in on my phone earlier!
    PUA: "Do you live in FOCO?"
    TARGET "No I live in Lalaland" (edited)
    She started offering information about getting done with school, blah blah blah. So I was really interested in this girl hitting on me so obviously I needed the practice so took full advantage of it. This is definitely not a normal store clerk convo as you can see start to develop.

    She mentioned something about Iowa.
    PUA: "Man I keep meeting chicks from IOWA."

    I asked her where she lived because I was setting her up for something when I look back at this mastery on how carefully I crafted these things I am not using my head I am going with the wind of it but damn it is so impressive that I am setting her up for a shake down!

    Asked her where she lived because I was hoping she would say FOCO and would be a perfect SEGWAY but she said something else so we got a little off topic but I brought her back.

    PUA: "Cool cuz there is a beer festival on June XYZ at FOCO." See how I didn't directly ask her? Genius! What she says next is brilliant. Sub-communication is all over the place.
    PUA: "I am going on Saturday you should go." Notice lack of neediness!
    TARGET: "Yeah I will have to check it out."
    ME: "It's $20 for 5 drinks and blah blah blah."

    PUA: "Cool it transferred now."

    Revved and ready to go I did my closing without blinking. Now keep in mind that I am building the intrigue as I always close with Bar game, Club Game sets since I will NEVER see them again. But with store clerks, hired guns I love to play intrigue by NOT asking for the number. After 8 months the Hairstylist called ME and gave me her number by default. SHE GAVE ME HER NUMBER. Nuff said.

    So obviously I am against closing this chick for her number due to reference experiences since due to my background it tells me if she says no the attraction is F'in gone! And one set is usually never enough for a Hired Gun.

    So I made a risky move and felt totally congruent. By doing this something unexpected happens.

    TARGET "Want to hear about our CC?"

    I am thinking damn I am totally gonna get denied my credit is crap. Like hell no even if I was approved. But I saw what she was up to and she was totally milking it so she could flirt with me. Hitting on me even harder.

    So of course I ran with it.

    "Yes" I told her but she delivered a solid solid pitch and that look in her eye pierced my heart. "Don't go" Her heart whispered as I looked into her eyes.

    So long story short we sit there for quite a while and I felt a lot of things happening there. Saw her getting frisky with my hand, how are our hands grazing past each other on the receipt. I mean that was so obvious.

    Then she is sitting there coughing as I was thinking "throw her off her game, throw her off."
    She was coughing like a nervous cough when we weren't talking which told me she was really fvcking nervous with me as in she was really attracted.

    Target "Personal Stylist"
    PUA: "What Stylist?"
    Target "Personal Stylist." "I can be your Personal Stylist"
    Oh I NEVER heard that one before! Like my personal Hairstylist holy sh!t this is good.

    PUA "Yeah I will ask for you. June XYZ maybe I will see you there."
    Target "I will check it out."

    The END

    No hello, no goodbye, no everyday pleasantries! This played out like a pretty normal interaction that was fresh and laid back but with a twist. I did what I wanted when I wanted and she still tagged along.

    I didn't close her because of my hidden rule of dealing with Hired Guns and she ran up and down the floor with amusement and IOI's up the wazoo. Girls meet BF's all the time so now I never rush it and even let them run off!!

    So finally I feel I have finally had my first best interaction at the Buckle outlet and there has been a lot!

    Laura pre-PUA days
    Caitlyn post-PUA
    and 3 others but I forget their names

    So this was by far my best interaction and while I got major IOI's from Caitlyn I was not capable of handling the attraction from her and it fizzled quickly into mundane aspects.

    But the convo with the new chick was fresh, grand and full of intrigue. I got what I want. Lately I have been WANTING to stray away from getting numbers and focus more on getting laid. This was a risky move to ask her to a place but it may set me up for the lay. However I have already invited my EX GF who said yes if she is not going to a festival and I also plan on inviting my Hairstylist too. If this pans out all 3 of them might show?

    This is an incredible amount of game if the Personal Stylist and the Hairstylist show up it will be a disaster or will it since that will create a Jealousy Plotline?

    Either way I can't say well don't invite the Hairstylist because then I am getting into Oneitis territory so I have to invite both since I am pre-planning the flakes. And even if they all flake I will be picking up chicks there so I really cannot lose.

    Anyway I am building the mighty rotation!

    Personal Hairstylist HB9 She N-closed me 3 weeks ago after going to her for 8 months

    Personal Stylist HB10 Just got started but I am gonna milk this b!tch

    Work GF HB7 She is utterly in love with me! Snapchats me, texts me, everything! Last night she was practically begging. She said "It's a deal!" to me coming over to her place. She invited me over and we have never even been on a date. Like I never asked her out so she is pretty much lying over and I won't experience LMR like some guys because she is begging! She would do anything for me! Yes she tracked me down I never hit on HB7's are you kidding. But anyway she said exactly what my EX GF said "You can have me anytime you want." When I first met my EX at the Club where I was picking her up at. And of course those words are still true since my EX GF is still obsessed and said she might go to the Beer Festival.

    Anyway she said it a little differently the HB7 she said "You can come over anytime you want." Pretty saying free poon anytime boy. Probably gonna hit it. Just saying.

    So 4 chicks on rotation but sadly blasted by all my Hired Gun Bartenders so they are no longer in my rotation as to why I really haven't been hitting the bars lately and focusing more on Daygame. Will give the report of the Beer Festival as to what happens with my PIVOTS and to new targets towards the end of June. Summer is here and craziness is already underway.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: King Cobra status report & Clothing Store Pick Up

    Nice Thread Brah
    Keep It Thro!!

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    Default Re: King Cobra status report & Clothing Store Pick Up

    Awesome -- I'm just getting back into the game, so I got a ways to go, but I love reading posts like this.

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