This past weekend me and my friend decided to go out again, well happens every weekend , went to the usuall spot but decided to hang out there for the night as the resident dj is a friend of ours. There were quite a few nice girls with their friends there, however my highlight was when i got cock blocked by a girl whom i had already number closed. i regret aproaching her because her friend was a solid 9, and when she found me outside speaking to her friend things just went downhill,

i managed to Number Close 5 girls, of which two i already lost because i tried different approaches with them over text game of which didnt work clearly, but thats how you get to learn, through experience of what works and what doesnt. i figured ill caLL THE REST AND IF I DONT MANAGE TO SET UP A DAY 2 WITH THE REMAINING 3 then il move on from them and see what this weekend holds up for me.