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    Default Raves, Makeouts, and First PUA Log

    January 23rd Pick Up Artist Log

    Okay, so this will be my first ever pick up artist log. I have been experimenting with the game for about a year now, but just mildly. The game has brought me a girlfriend, maybe a dozen makeouts, and my first two lays in college. But now it’s getting serious. I must log now because I feel I have reached a new level…time to start taking the game seriously.
    So it was a Saturday, I was sitting at home when Dance Dance (my pick up artist Sensei who introduced me to the game) called me and asked me to go to a rave. I had no money, but he had presales and it was close by so I was down. Alright, to the game stuff. So we got there, I slammed a cheap 24 oz 12% “Earthquake: High gravity Lager” it tasted like Sh1t. I knew what I had to do this time for good game, take the lead, be super high energy (it’s a rave), approach like a motherfarker, and rely on what little ‘tactics’ and ‘lines’ I know…it’s all about the energy anyway.

    So we are in the line…boom Kip does the first approach…I hate this, because if I’m off my game I feel like all I do is sit back, look and feel awkward, and watch Dance dance game. Dance Dance number closes, blah blah blah. Dance Dance approaches again, but this time I also approach. Granted she’s no ten, but I’m in line and she’s next to me. I get cuddly pictures, Number Close…okay we’re at the entrance. I’ve warmed up, I drank a monster and the alcohol is starting to kick in. Plus I’m determined to lead Dance Dance this time and do approaches without waiting for him. I realize I need to step it up so I change my goal from 2 makeouts to 5 makeouts.

    We enter the rave. I’m drunk now, alcohol has kicked in. We explore the rave for about 5 minutes before heading to the dance floor. Time to game. I do my first approach…cuddly, hugging, no makeout. Boom second approach (I think, it’s a little fuzzy) I yell “Hey! I love you! Give me a hug!” hug. I yell “who are you?” she says her rave name…I forget. Then I say “guess what my rave name is?” she says she doesn’t know…I back up and I say I’ll give you a hint…I point at the tigger doll hanging on my belt. “Tiger! No… Tigger!!” she says! I say “Yes! You got it! Tigger!!” Then I say “I don’t know if I can hang out with you…my dad says I can’t hang out with crazy raver chicks!” she says “I’m not a crazy raver chick!” bullSh1t! She’s at a rave! Lol then I say “okay I guess I can hang out with you” this whole time we have been close and dancing and whatnot…high energy, and she’s into it. I say “give me a kiss!” Makeout #1! A good makeout too…not a forced one! I end up saying I have to go and walking away back with Dance Dance. I say “yess!!!! Makeout #1!!!” (I haven’t gamed in a while) Dance Dance says “good job dude, that chick was super hot” he says it twice which makes me feel great, since I know his ‘scale’ is way stricter than mine, so she must have been really hot for me, although sadly I didn’t get that good of a look at her since it was dark.

    We walk a few feet, bam I approach again, and again…I think I get a kiss, but no makeout. Dance Dance says “I love how much you are approaching” I’m lording. I’m also smashed drunk by this time. I approach one after another, no breaks inbetween. Dance Dance approaches a bit, get’s a makeout at which point I hear him say “more passion!” when the girl gives him a kiss on the lips, then he says it and she makes out with him. I grab another girl. Same routine as the first…”I love you give me a hug, who are you, guess who I am, I’m not allowed to hang out with crazy raver chicks…she’s not a crazy raver chick, I have to go, give me a kiss, this time I say more passion and it’s a makeout” Makeout #2! I’ve been here an hour and I achieved my original goal of 2 makeouts…but I’m aiming for 5 now and I’m on fire.

    I kiss two more girls that won’t makeout with me despite the “more passion” line. Dance Dance has hardly approached. I am soo thirsty because I chugged 24 ounces of a 12% drink at once. I go to the bathroom and drink LOTS of water. Dance Dance is approaching more now…but I won’t account his game in the log very much. I see a guy smoking weed, he gives me a hit…enough to relax but not enough to ruin game. We’re upstairs now, change of pace. Not dance floor style, we talk to some girls stay with them a while, get girls to tell us stories, take pictures…don’t remember much of this, nor is it that important. I am going back and forth to the bathroom every ten minutes because I am so thirsty…I try a new approach “freeze cia!” with a water gun. DOES NOT WORK don’t try it…I felt stupid. I’m hot and I discover a new outdoor area while Dance Dance is gaming some emo chick who he claims cuts herself. I approach, go for a makeout to find that her boyfriend is standing right next to her…I apologize and it’s all good. It’s been another hour probably since a makeout…I go back to the dance floor by myself…try the same game but I’m getting a little tired so I forget the “I’m not allowed to hang out with crazy raver chicks” part…which helps but game still works and I get another makeout that I hardly remember! Makeout #3! Woo!

    I find Dance Dance again, reporting that I got one makeout and he’s ready to abandon his set…he’s madeout number closed and is ready to go. I get more water and we go outside. We dance for a while come back inside, and talk to two girls for a while. I see a super hot girl in baby blue american apparel style panties and think “Damn! She is hot!!“ fark it…I’m going to approach. I do, we talk for a bit, she leaves no kiss, no makeout. My cookie cutter game didn’t work this time. I start talking to one girl, I think I went for a kiss or something…she tells me she has a boyfriend…an obviously gay guy wearing a ‘legalize gay’ shirt. I halfway fall for it…kip starts gaming her makes out goes to dance floor etc. He’s gone for a while. It’s at this point…about 2-3 hours in and even though I drank a red bull, my game totally dies. I’m losing state fast. I start looking at girls and thinking about approaching them wayy to long instead of just doing it. I blow out of one or two approaches and go to sit down and watch the lights. I must have spent an hour not gaming, feeling tired, not even smiling. In retrospect, it was probably a short term depression due to the alcohol wearing off. I start to feel like I need another drink, and even go check for half-drunken abandoned drinks, but there are none. At some point a girl me and Dance Dance were talking to earlier tells me I need to smile. I try but I’m not feeling like gaming at all…but I realize I can’t go back to this low state…I hate being told to smile and if she says that that means other people see it too, I HAVE TO get back in the game whether I like it or not. I go back to the dance floor, feel awkward, looking too long before approaching…and I go back and forth a few times. I feel like I need to have something cool to tell Dance Dance by the time he comes back or I will lose state for the rest of the night. So, I start doing breathing exercises…4 short breathes in, 4 short breathes out. It helps a lot. I start taking heftier breathes and jumping up and down. I try some crazy dancing. I repeat a few times and I’m ready. I game! I approach! I get a couple of kisses on the lips that despite the “more passion” line won’t make out. This pumps my state a bit more though. I go to the middle of the dance floor, do my typical approach. “Hey! I love you give me a hug! Who are you! Guess who I am!” She guesses Tigger! It’s going good but a bit lower energy because I’m getting tired. She starts telling me she is beyond farked up on drugs…and asks me If I can tell. I say a little bit…I’m teasing her a bit. I tell her I have to go and I say “Give me a kiss” (okay, it’s seems farked up if your reading this because she says she’s farked up…but she’s really acting quite normal, she just looks like she’s rolling) I tell her “more passion!” and she makes out with me. It’s at the point I hear a guy say “HEY HEY HEY!!!!” and basically pushes my face away from hers…I assume it to be her boyfriend and do the sensible thing…split…FAST lol…hey I got a makeout out of it though….Makeout #4!! Only one more to go!

    I’m feeling back in the game now…I’m still waiting for Kip to return so I approach some more. I leave the dance floor and see three girls sitting down so I go for it. I say “hey who are you guys!” I say what’s your rave name…girl on left says something…girl on right says something…girl in the middle doesn’t have one. I say “you don’t have one???” sounding really surprised. I say “I’m going to give you one! Up! Up up up!” I grab her hand and stand her up. I name her stiletto thunder! I say I have to go, give me a kiss! More passion! Boom makeout! Makeout #5!!! GOAL ACHIEVED! About this time I realized kandy kids have pick pocketed my phone. There is only about 45 minutes left in the rave. Here’s the big mistake…I LEAVE! What was I thinking? A 3 set with no guys, I made out with one in front of her two friends and didn’t even number close? I feel remorseful about this, I feel like I mouth-raped her and ran away. I should have sat down, had her give me a tattoo, tell me a story, built repor, venue changed and I would have had an excellent D2. I run into Dance Dance again and he is still with the same girl…but ditches her for more game (after number closing of course)

    Dance Dance finally hits state and starts going crazy, I’m barely keeping up with him, but still approaching. Dance Dance turns into the crazy high energy guy that I always knew before. It didn’t occur to me that he wasn’t fully acting his usual game-self…but that’s irrelevant. Super hottie with the baby blue panties runs into me…smiles and says “do you remember me?” I say “of course I do” but it goes nowhere and she leaves shortly…in retrospect this was an IOI and I had my game been better I should’ve been able to get a number close and a makeout. ;( oh well. Dance Dance and I prepare to leave, do a few more approaches and we’re out. I leave the rave with only one number. I was so preoccupied with my single goal of getting makeouts, that I didn’t even try getting any numbers…and I should’ve been able to get numbers from at least 3 or 4 of the girls I made out with (definitely excluding the farked up one with the crazy bf)

    So, Dance Dance and I leave and head back to his car. I remembered that I left my burts bee’s and sharpie by the door because they wouldn’t let me bring it in, so I went back by myself to retrieve it while Dance Dance sat in the car calling some of his numbers. While I am walking there I see a girl with a fox tail, and think about approaching since I have a fox-tail style tie thing on my neck, but I don’t. I get to the door and of course neither my chap stick or sharpie are any longer there. I walk back past the fox-tail girl, and she starts talking to me because she too notices the fox and fox resemblance. So we start talking, and I think she is really hot…a solid 8 imo. I realize now I should’ve number closed a lot more inside the rave, so I ask her for her number. She says sure! In my head I am going “yesssss!!!!!!!” but I’m playing it cool lol. Only problem is, my phone was stolen and I have no sharpie, as I explained earlier. I ask around for a pen and she starts yelling to people if they have a writing utensil. None of them do. She is with some guy I assume to be a friend she came with (since they are standing outside of the rave where people traditionally reunite with who the came with) I tell her that I have a pen in the car, which is just around the block so she actually follows me back. We get to the car and without me noticing, the guy disappears. I guess she didn’t come with him after all, and he certainly wasn’t a bf. THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. We get to the car, Dance Dance has a pen, she writes her number on my arm and I tell her to come inside the car because it’s cold. We squeeze in side by side in the front seat because Dance Dance's 5 seater car is full of crap. She calls her friends she came with who happen to be on the other side of the parking lot. Dance Dance says he wants to go to burger king, and they want go to so they decide to follow us. The car is full of three guys, by the way. Dance Dance says we can’t sit side by side like that because he can’t operate the gearshift, so she either has to ride with her friends or sit on my lap. I’m thinking ‘oh no’ because I think she’s gonna go with her friends, but she ends up sitting on my lap which is really hot because she’s only wearing a sports bra and a jacket. I say “seat belt” and put my arms around her bare waist. We start driving to burger king. I say my hands are cold and she says “here, here’s more skin” and puts my hands flat across her stomach, and puts her hands on top of mine. The ride is pretty enjoyable. We end up outside of Alberto’s and we all pack into their VW rabbit to smoke out. I’m really happy because I haven’t smoked in a while, and smoking weed is a perfect way to end the night. I’m even more happy because the car is too full again so HB8 and I end up cuddling in the front seat. We begin the smoke out. Hb8 gives me greens, I don’t need to explain a smoke out but I end up shot gunning with her once, then she shotguns back to me twice, with lips about an inch apart. Needless to say, it’s hot. Kip decides he has to split, hb8 moves to the backseat and we proceed to go to my place so her friends can drop me off. We end up parking by my house smoking out more, and talking for about 2 hours. During this time she gives me a hand massage, is reaching from the backseat feeling my shoulder, massaging my arm, etc. I reach for another hand massage and she starts holding my hand for a while…total IOI’s lots of Keno, etc. I am really enjoying smoking out, and the guys are really cool too. Also, they have the best smoke out music I have ever heard. What a way to end the night. I spent it smoking out for free, listening to great music, and all the while with a girl I’m totally crushing on. I remember looking in the backseat constantly and thinking “this girl is so gorgeous!” anyway…when it’s time to leave (the sun is already up) we all go outside, everyone gets in the car except me and her, and we’re talking when I say goodbye I give her a good hug, which she returns, I go for a kiss a little bit without fully committing, but she resists and smiles and laughs a bit (she knows what I was doing), then we share another hug I say I’ll call her and boom the night is over. The no kiss thing worried me for a bit, but I talked to Dance Dance and we agreed it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like me or won’t hook up with me in the future. I have since set up a D2 with this girl so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    This is my first PUA log, but it also happens to be my best, before this I had only made out with 2 girls at a party once (one was an UG) and other than that I was lucky if I got one makeout. just goes to show you what happens if you stick with it, I'm still not there yet, not even close...hell, I didn't even get a lay...had a hell of a night though :]
    So what did I learn? I learned that I abandoned almost all of my sets really prematurely. My weakness used to be opening, now opening is my strength and my weakness is after makeout game. I learned that I should have number closed A LOT more, and that it’s bad for both the girl and me when there is no possibility for a D2. Also, if you review my log you can see that I probably approached more than kip (20-30 times) yet Kips sets lasted A LOT longer and he got a lot more numbers and a lot more D2’s and will get laid, while I have only 2 very distant iffy D2’s one of which offers me sex in Santa Cruz with a 4 or 5 (exactly, not impressive) and a shot at an 8 in Lake Elsinore. I was so preoccupied with makeouts I didn’t think about number closing, D2’s, or even just having a good time with a girl I had already worked so hard to make out with.
    What will I do different next time?

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    Default Re: Raves, Makeouts, and First PUA Log

    good job on the multiple make outs, keep us posted on what happens and try and get some LRs happenin


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