Thursday- Came in as a client.

Saturday- Call the store and hung up when I picked up. I called her back to asked why she hung up. Turns out she answered her own question., and was coming in with her sister to make up her mind on the decisions again. That same interaction I asked her to dinner with her sister beside her.

Sunday- I was out and she asked me what I was up to, I told her and she began to tell me her day, I suggested she needed a Starbucks, and she asked if I would like to bring her some. I declined and said I can pick you up and we can go together. So we went out had a walk around, drove around and grab a snack before dropping her off and she threw her arms around me.

Monday- she came by my work to look at her decisions again and we went for some tea, after getting in the car she tried mine and gave me hers to try. I asked her to hang out on Wednesday and she accepted.

Tuesday- afterwork I texted her to confirm and got a decline on the confirmation because her gf just got out of a 5 year relationship. So I went to a party instead. she saw the post and liked it, however we have not talked since.

What should I do?

What is her frame of mind?