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    Default First approach EVER

    Hey guys, yesterday was just amazing. I did my first approach ever and kept doing it until the club closed. I was with my friends and since their really good with women they pushed me to approach every single girl in the club. They said to me that their golden moment was when they were 14. That was the time they started improving themselves. Now one of them is player and other is in relationship. They didn't give me any tips, because they said no tips will help you. It doesnt matter how good tips are, it wont help you. Only thing you can do is aproach, approach and approach.

    Story: i saw a cute blonde on dance floor and went to talk to her. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her name. Then, i did the worst mistake ever. I asked her "What she's doing here xD". I got shot down i moved on, i grabbed a girls arm and did a spin. We danced for a minute, and then she moved on. We didn't talk or do anything else, but just danced. I approached almost 30 girls i think and got rejected from almost all of them. With the last approach i was so tired, but still went for approach. The girl started to annoy me alot and i just said "I don't give a fuck, please leave." She was stunned, she freezed for a moment and moved on. Later when me and my buddys left the club, the girl started following me. We chatted and i sent her home, she wasnt exacly my taste so i didnt even try to pull.

    I've always thought i got what it takes to approach and attract women, but yesterday showed me that theory is nothing compared to infield experience.
    "It's all about the journey, not the destination. After all the destination of life is death" - Owen Cook

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    Default Re: First approach EVER

    good, your friends gave you 0 tips besides approach approach and approach, that actually is a tip - because what works for them isn't necesarilly going to work for you, so analyze YOUR game and see what works and what doesn't, we can't give you any advice if you're just talking about how you approached 30girls and the only approach you talk about in detail is where you tell a girl to fuck off. your #1 tip was approach, tip #2 is analyze, tip #3 use what works and rub out what doesn't, and of course.. tip #4 approach the girls you LIKE genuinely, so you don't have to emberass them afterwards and you can actually project your interest properly that you really want to get to know a girl better instead of thinking of their numbers as medals you've won.

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