Hi guys!
This is my first field report in 10 years, so it might not be the best since my game is a bit rusty and so is my english, anyhow i would love to get some pointers on how i did, dont hold back just be brutally honest and help me become a better man. And thank you for letting me be a part of this awesome community!

Here we go!

Hosted a party wednesday night and met this gourgeus brunette thru a friend of mine and we instantly connected, the thing is that our mutual friend tried to pick her up with no luck...

She is one of thoose girls that just feels so alive and had thoose amazing star like eyes that just sparks...

Anyway there is not much to say about the night since we didnt had the chance to really hookup since i didnt make it in to the nightclub, i put on my best cocky and funny side and it obviusly did alright, we didnt see each other any more that night since i had some friends crashing at my place and one of thoose were Tobias the mutual friend.

Any way i sent her a message on facebook and this is how that played out

Thursday night

Me: Yo bitch! where the fuck did you go?

G: Hahaha! Tobias said it was time for me to go home

Me: Yeah good small children should be in bed by now...

G: Just admit that you miss me already
Me: Haha, admit the you miss me...

The next day

Yes actually i miss you, big thanks for yesterday!! i cant believe you let a 08 (Stockholm) girl like me in at your place

Me: Yeah, one might what wonder what how i thinking there, i dont think i dare to let you in again, you maybe bites haha

G: Ofcourse we should see each other mora, im such a nice girl Hug

Me: Local beach restaurant tonight? If mommy lets you out will say haha

G: Tonight? Isnt there a band playing tomorrow?

G: I doubt mom will let me out with you rampaging the town

Me: Ill make reservation for 19:00 tomorrow and you can tell mommy ill take good care of you as long as long as you behave or ill might have to give you a spanking haha

G: But tobias leaves town tomorrow... And you poor fellow how did it go at work today?

Me: are you afraid to see me alone? you can bring mommy if that makes you feel better haha, yeah was a bit tired at work....

G: Ofcourse im not afraid to see you! Its not about that. Just feels a bit awkward to hang with Tobias friend without him...

Me: You should definitely do what feels right for you, but you should also now that i wont speak a word to Tobias if we should go out, so you dont have to worry about that

G: I always play with an open hand, always did and always will. If we should see eachother i would tell him, it would be real nice to see eachother again, i like you guys alot! Awesome guys all of you! But i dont think tomorrows plans are such a good idea

G: But thanks for thinking of me, it make my little heart warm!!

Me: Just lay it out instead, you been out all night bothced and now mommy grounded you haha!
But anyhow you 08 (Stockholm) girls maybe aint that good anyhow, so you are probably right that tomorrow plans arent such a good idea... Game over for me now, got work tomorrow... good night little spoiled brat

Friday afternoon

G: Why do you ask so much about my mom? We have a wonderful relationship and she would never hold me back from doing something fun with friends

What do you mean with maybe not such good girls? Thanks! Its not about where youre born or raised, but about how you are as a person

I have no idea what you think or feel about me, but i think youre an amazing guy and im forever grateful that i got to hang with you guys wednesday night Hug Hug

So how was my game structure? if i had any will say haha!

Now i will get out again tonight and hopefully make some progress, wish me luck!