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Thread: Weird daygame experience

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    Default Weird daygame experience

    So this was my first attempt at approaching women in the day time, and at first it looks very promising, but went sour very quickly. I walked by a bar and spotted two girls, maybe HB7s sat on there own having a drink. I decided to swoop in with the jealous girlfriend opener, this worked at first but I couldn't sit down at there table because they had put they bags on the remaining chairs, so I was awkwardly left standing. They both looked at each other as if I had interrupted an important convo, so I asked sorry I didn't intrued on an important convo did I? They kindly asked if I could return in five minutes as they where having a business conversation. Fortunately there was a guy having a beer next to them who listened in to the conversation, so I went over and finished my beer with him, who was a nice guy and suggested a busy place to move on to afterward.

    The next bar was only down the high street, so I went in and order a drink and had a look around for someone I could approach. I noticed two girls sat on there own, one HB6 and an asain girl who was maybe a HB8. So I went over with the same technique and it worked very well! They offered me to sit down, they asked my name, what I do and why I'm in Australia, my English accent gave away I obviously wasn't Australian. Shortly after, the HB6s boyfriend joins us, who was a French exchange student, a nice guy. After an hour or two we hit it off, there buying jugs of drinks and sharing them with me, asking for my Facebook so we can meet up again, and then they offered for me to join them at a local burrito takeout. When I got there, they paid for my meal, and then offered me to join them all for drinks back at the asain girls house! So I accepted and went back to the house. They where discussing me staying over, and that we where going to sleep in one room, and the couple would stay in another. I genuinely thought I was in, I had sealed the deal! I cancelled my lift home and was ready! I asked the girl I was sharing a room with if I could borrow a t shirt, I was in shirt and tie, with some slim fit chinos, also I figured this would be a good indication of her level of comfort. She said that's fine, so I got changed into a hoody she gave me.

    Then, everything got weird. The girl with the boyfriend took them all into a room to talk, leaving me in the room on my own. Everyone's tone started to change, as if they had just realised they met me a few hours ago. They then asked me to leave, and asked if I had stolen anything from a handbag left in the dining room. I hadn't, so I happily emptied my pockets and suggested if she was seriously accusing me, that she was welcome to phone the police. She then asked me to get my shirt back on, return the hoody and leave. So I went into the bathroom and starting to do so. Shortly after the girl came in and was very upset, deeply apologising and explain they had a friend who stole from them, and that they all really like me and want me to stay. At this point my target was in bed more or less asleep, and any game I had, was now gone. So I rejected her offer to stay and made my way home. I woke up in the morning to realise they had deleted me on Facebook, except the HB8 who I was due to share a room with.

    Did I actually do anything wrong here? Or is it just one of those things?

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    Default Re: Weird daygame experience

    you wer ebeing set up to be the PUA con man ended up getting lured into something else (not sex related at all) so that they could implicate you for something. Dude, be careful. dont let your dick lead you into dangerous territory.

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