so this friday me and 4 of my other friends went out and thought we'd go to a club or something similar, most of them were crowded at the time so we just decided to sit down on the benches of place with a pretty cool view (it's near a river and it's pretty crowded there on the weekends at night), as we got there there were 3 other friends sitting there (we didn't expect them to be there) with a few girls they picked up a HB7 and a HB9.5, we thought we'd stay there only for a few minutes so we didn't join them at first, we sat down a couple meters away from them and started chatting, about 10steps from us I saw 8 other girls sitting with no guy company what so ever smoking the hookah. I was thinking about approaching them to see if they're cool and if we could join them, it looked as if they were in a pretty serious conversation so I decided to not approach at all.. yet I changed my mind a couple of minutes and thought I'd just go and ask for a smoke and see if they're open to new people or is that a "private party" I walk up to them (alone)
-hey, sorry for interrupting, but do you have a smoke?
-... (complete silence from all 8 of them) *hands me a ciggarete*
-thanks, have a good night

I knew that this was a really bad way to approach a set but did it anyways and didn't even end up getting a single word from them (got what I came for though haha).

as I got back, (by that time 2 of my friends went to look for some clubs that aren't full at the moment and said that they'd call us if they find anything interesting) I started smoking, the HB7 looks back at me
HB7:hey! you lied to me! you said you didn't have a smoke!
ME:I got it from those girls sitting right to me, I don't lie on fridays
HB7:alright, I'm going to get some smokes, you should join us

(when I first came in the set I ddin't know their names so I just made them up (HB7 Laura, HB9.5 Christina) after the HB7 and HB9.5 came back I initiated the conversation with them, with those other 3 friends, was basically the one that everyone tried to talk to because I was definitely very playful, confident, dominant and had great body language where I'm just laid back and everyone's surounding me. The HB7 was a real cockblock to one my of my friends, because he liked the HB9.5 yet he had a problem figuring out what to say and even thought it was obvious he was attracted to her it seemed as if he was trying to avoid contact with her due to his lack of confidence, and she started to point that out. She was "helping" him by telling him that he's not getting anywhere with his game and that he needs to step it up, said that he should read about how to approach girls and etc. When someone's putting my friends down I feel the immediet urge to build their value up again and subtly lowering the other person's
ME:You act as if you're helping even thought you're trying to ruin everything, I'm starting to get a feeling that someone's a bit jealous, don't worry, we'll find you someone aswell

almost everything I said that night was in a playful tonality so she just laughed and shook her head a little, my intention wasn't to make her feel bad or anything nor she was my target yet I still neg'ed her a lot and had pretty good laugh at her expense, since I didn't want to come off ass an asshole or just with a completely narcisstic mindset I made a few jokes at my expense aswell to dlv. A bit later those one of the 3 friends got a call and they decided to leave at once (leave no man behind, I love that) yet the girls stayed, the HB9.5 was definitely younger than me so I really didn't know if I should even try to pick her up yet I initiated conversations with her, not only to build attraction but also comfort, the HB7 was pretty much speaking most of the time and the HB9.5 was a bit shy or just not talkative that night (which was pretty weird for me) yet I still felt the urge to see if she has something other than her looks that I'd like
ME: (to her) oh my god.. can you shut up? I can't hear anything over your loud voice, geez..
she finally stopped looking at her phone and joined in the conversation, half a minute after she does
ME:How do you feel taking compliments from strangers?
HB9.5:*looks at me as if she'd just won a tournament with pride and confidence written all over her face with a hint of a fake shy smile* Great
ME:awesome, me too - you go first
HB9.5:*starts laughing*
MEretty good one ha?
HB9.5:Yeah haha

she was a bit shy and didn't talk much at first but after that she opened up like a book, by one point I was even surprised and thought to myself if this is the same girl that I saw in the beginning. I jumped right from A2 to C1 completely forgetting to show IOI's because she definitely showed me a few by always asking me questions, even when I was talking to someone else seeing her stare at me.
ME:when you meet a guy, what's a redflag to you?
ME:something that you see or realize about him that is a complete turn off
HB9.5:*thinks for about 5 seconds* when someone talks about all their previous girls, is too shy, lacks a sense of humor, doesn't treat his gf as an equal, is disrespectful

after that sentence it seemed as if I was trying to dye my self in red paint and to sit on a flag pole for the rest of the night.. the HB7 was attracted to me and said that she's "sleepy" and rested her head on shoulder
HB7:You're pretty comfortable
ME:You're not the first one to say so

Complete player vibe started to reek off me, not only she clock blocked me from the HB9.5 by demonstrating attraction towards me but I managed to even make it worse.. after realizing that, all my great energy started to fade away, the HB9.5 asked for my phone to call someone that was going to get them home.. and I pushed the self-destruct button once more "just, don't forget to put in your number aswell" and I said those words without even looking at her, they walked over to some place waiting for the driver to get them, our friends called us that they found a club, we started to walk towards it and we walked pass them:
HB7:wait here with us until our driver comes!
HB9.5:no, my mom's going to be mad if she see's them
My friend: so should we stay or not?
My friend:aaah..

I will never understand why was that aaah.. apropriate in that situation.. it's their loss, not ours, we're going out to a club to have fun, they're going home, we don't need their company, it's the other way around.. as we got to the club, all of my energy had already faded, drank a few beers, didn't even dance much, didn't approach anyone, wasn't in a bad mood just not in the mood to do any approaches or anything physical where as my friends were pretty much hyped up and wanted to approach as much as possible, I just had to bare with all of that for sometime up until' we got home.

any thoughts?