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    Coyote Guest

    Default new haunt across the road

    i retreated several suburbs away from my old hunting ground. i still go there occasionally. i go there several times a week still. i have found as i have gone more than 10 kms north from the city, i have a little pizza place that opens up once inside to be big. and a few chicks working there needing a man. i am there only choice of real aussie amongst italian australians, so the backpacker chicks and the single italian chicks have their saviour.

    I have been here a year and I have just found this happy hunting ground. the gods really do love us. the sas say who dares wins and I believe that to be true picking up

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    Octapussylicker Guest

    Default Re: new haunt across the road

    just curious, whats the meaning of this thread?

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: new haunt across the road

    that's a good point octopussy. she has a bf and they are like high school sweethearts and i am really not invited. leaving that one be


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