so it's a Monday night, and I'm in the mood to go for a beer and talk to women, hell im 21 why not. I have no wing, I've been traveling Australia and visiting my dad so I've been building my game as I go. It's quiet at my local bar, so I move to a new location which is also dead. However, there is an attractive girl serving my beer. This is the conversation as goes.

Me- I can't help but feel like I know you from somewhere?
Her- do you go to rock bar? (Fuck knows where that it)
Me- ahh I don't, I've came here a few times but that's not it
Her- hmm, I don't know then, I haven't worked here long
Me- perhaps you have a twin!
Her- yeah maybe.
- eye contact at this point, I can feel she's enjoying conversation, but she's working-

Me- I'm not going to be able to shake this until we figure it out
Her- do you go to uni?
Me- no, I haven't been in Adelaide long
Her- where are you from?
Her- London?
Me- close, it's in the UK.
Her- I know someone in Bournemouth? Do you know blah blah blah.
Me- haha no, I'm not from Bournemouth!
Her- wel you never know it's a small world.

She then had to serve a drink to someone, and hasn't come back over. Il post updates but don't really know how to move forward? Obviously I've never seen her in my life, I just wanted to start a convo so more conversation is possible. Any ideas fella's?