lay report: Sexy Italian girl from Westchester

Hey, here I am again and I had quite a nice experience with this new girl I gamed. This girl grew up in Westchester (Just north of Manhattan, NYC) and came from a semi-wealthy family. Her dad being a doctor and her mom a stay-at-home house-wife.

I was very pleased with everything about her and I am still in touch. She just left for Europe and won't be back for a couple of months.

So now to get into just what happened...

I first met her in a Starbucks while waiting for the restroom about 3 weeks ago. My friends were waiting outside and I just opened her with, "Do you know any good places to go around here. I don't know this part of the city that well." She told me a couple of spots and even suggested hanging out with her and her friends.

The only problem was that there was only one other girl and I had 3 friends with me, who were guys of course. So I just got her contact info and went on about my night; which was a very fun night I might add.

So I followed up a couple of days later. I texted 4 girls: 2 were busy and 2 were free. The other girl that was free was taking her sweet time, so I ended up just planning something with the Westchester girl.

We met up by Columbia University, which also happened to be where she worked. We reminisced about work and she told me about some BS with her colleagues. We found out that we both did gymnastics, which didn't really matter, because I could tell she was pretty into me from the start. The gymnastics just was an added bonus to solidify the connection I suppose.

I kissed her when on a bridge that looked over the Hudson River and also had a view of the George Washington Bridge. Luckily for me, Columbia is not far from where I live. I figured I might as well try to 'Pull' after getting the Kiss-close. So we ventured over to where I live. I didn't even have to convince her to come up; she just walked right up with no resistance at all.

Unfortunately, the first date she didn't give it up. So I tried my best by escalating, then when I got resistance, I backed up and just went back to the typical, comfort-building chit-chat. There was pretty strong chemistry, but I could tell that she was one of those girls that doesn't put out on the first date.

I did manage to get some foreplay and that gave me hope. We made out and fooled around like when I was in school with other girls. After a little fun, I walked her down to the subway around midnight; since we both had work in the morning. I gave her a kiss goodbye and that was the end of the Day-2.

I hit her up a couple of days later when I had some free time. She is one of those girls that takes forever to text back, so it took a little while to get a response. I messaged her and told her, "I'm free this evening, let me know if you want to grab a drink and do something."

She told me she was up for it, so I said, "How about we meet at 42nd and Broadway at 8." She agreed and I finished with, "Ok, see you then."

Not to get too into detail, but my text game is basically geared toward not saying anything that can work against me until I bang the girl first. After I've gotten some action, I will play around with sexting, or playful joking, etc.

Sometimes if the girl is a challenge, I'll send something like a funny meme in relation to something we talked about when we first met or on the first date. Regardless, I rarely need to game a girl that is a big challenge. Especially in a city where I can just find another girl, just as beautiful or more-so, right around the corner from where I live.

Anyway, we met up where we agreed and I decided to take her to a Pool-hall that was not far from where we met. We played for a couple of hours and also drank a few beers; which we took turns paying for.

She told me about how her father had a pool table at her home growing up and how her and her sisters would accidentally break the sticks, by pretending they were skiing with them, when they were kids. It was a nice story and I enjoyed hearing about her life growing up.

She was very level-headed and didn't have many insecurities that I could notice. She never tried to argue with me and I really enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to deal with any drama or shit-tests; like I have with other girls.

After a good 3 or 4 beers, I could tell it was time to push for going back to my place. I had already been feeling on her very nice, Italian butt; so I could tell her buying temp was set.

We left the pool-hall and I hailed a taxi; which she offered to pay for. When we got to my place, we split the fare. We walked up to my room and I ended up putting on the movie "Bad Grandpa". I like to put on comedies, because in my experience, girls never get overly invested in them.

After the movie was on, I turn over to her and started to kiss her. I then started putting my hand in her pants. When I saw that she was breathing hard I started to remove her pants. She didn't put up much of a fight this time either.

She stayed the night and left around 6 in the morning. We saw each other a couple of other times after. I went to her place in Hoboken and spent the night both times. She left today for Europe and told me that she would contact me when she gets back.

All in all, I enjoyed every moment. She had a perfect body, nice face and beautiful eyes. I will definitely keep her around, if she decides to stay in touch when she gets back.

That's all I have to share today... I hope this helped some of you and thanks for reading!

-PUA Redsky