Hey guys, so far all my field reports have been fails, i read somewhere that to become a pua you have to be ready for a lot of rejection at the beginning because your body language is not in sync with the beautiful lines that you are saying, correct me if im wrong but so far everything i have had are fails.

A friend (girl) of mine took a snap of me talking about sexual things and sent it to her friends and one of them replied: "hook me up with him". So i think to myself, thats a huge ioi, my messages on facebook when i add her are going to be super flirty and agressive.

I do that, speak to her for a little bit, try not to answer too quickly, never ask her a question but rather talk about me and she will eventually talk about her, then at one point i talk about my summer and ask her what she did and then boom, she stopped talking to me for several hours and tells my friend that i am: "thirsty as f**k" obviously this is super humiliating and hopefully someone can get me out of this rut.

Right when i hear this i tell her straight up, YO im not thirsty, i was just trying to get to your thirst level, whatever, bye.

she responds with k. its probably over before it even started to yh. this is my sad field report