Hey guys, me again, this is not a full field report its more like an in progress one but i still wanted to post it.

This one is very tricky and i will try my best to explain it. I am in an engineering school, there are not that many girls, girls have a lot of attention soooo what i do is talk to the girl a bit then stop talking to her that way she comes to me because all the other guys are coming to her. I tried it with one girl and it works, she comes to me and goes like: "omg, hi, how are you doing" i guess that is an ioi but im not sure maybe she is just friendly with everyone, either way we talk for a bit then she just straight up leaves when we stop talking doesnt try to stick around which is confusing.

Today i had nothing to do, so i went to hang out with her i dont know if it was the right call but it didnt really change anything it was but a simple conversation. Tommorow there is a party and i count on impressing her there and i dont know what my best move would be.

At the party, all the guys will be basically surrounding the girls as though they were a shrine. I dont know if i should be an alpha and dance with her right then and there, kind of show my dance moves
if i should just dance with other girls around her and make her a bit jealous then just casually bump into her during the party and start a conversation and eventually --> bombshell method and take her home.
try nothing this time but maybe something in the next party which is in a week, im counting a lot on the parties because our conversations are quite boring in schoool.

I hope im not boring any one of you guys, im just posting my field reports good or bad.

Crunchyman OUT .