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    Coyote Guest

    Default she has made it very easy for me so far

    got a babe coming over for after dinner coffee etc... tomorrow night. when i rang her the other day she said monday was no good as she finishes work at 6pm so i said why not come over later in the evening and we can chat etc... she was cool with it

    i dont know exactly what her ideas are though she seemed to play pretty hard for me. like when we swapped numbers she grabbed me and pulled me into a kiss... in my experiences they have sometimes been cool or cold the next time though i have some understanding now as to why that may have been

    i find more and more these days the more compassionate i am to the chicks and the more attentive i can be i start to get it that we communicate differently. we have the same needs but we go about it differently and no party likes feeling stupid or used.

    any advice from anyone what i could do to make her feel comfortable when she gets here tomorrow night. aside from all the obvious bravado, assume i like this girl whether i ever sleep with her or not. assume i want to create a friendship with her and i respect her. assume too that if we get into some good hard loving quite early in the whole thing then i couldn't be happier

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: she has made it very easy for me so far

    i txted her earlier to say its gonna be good... she is gonna call when she knocks off work.

    God damn!! i need me some biscuit

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    Mystic Guest

    Default Re: she has made it very easy for me so far

    Haha. How'd it go man?

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: she has made it very easy for me so far

    she flaked telling me by txt that she was too shagged from work. i called her when i got the message and we chatted for just under an hour. really good chat and she made sense to me. she is coming over friday arvo but i might have to shift her....

    really cool to chat to and she was telling me how she felt when she met me for the first time and about what sort of blokes she usually attracts into her life...

    described me as a "real person" which she said was such a change in things for her. she even remembered what i came into the shop to buy.

    other stuff about her that i really relate to in what i do for this world... so this chick is worth seeing.

    soonish anyway

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    Coyote Guest

    Default Re: she has made it very easy for me so far

    this one got played through to a conclusion...

    she came over for a jam and i had a time constraint on. i wasn't sure of the situation at that stage and i thought that perhaps i still would not be after that 'date'. i though that perhaps it would be a slow burning fuse

    so she came over and looking sweet and we put our heads together on a few songs and working out what we wanted to take in to a studio with other muso's etc... we accumulated a bit of a running sheet then she offered me a ride toward where i was going and took me back to her house.

    she had given me the run down of a bloke who is so good but not and couldn't commit et al and i knew this chick wanted some sort of verbal 'contract' that if i lay the pipe i was to sign on for a whole code of conduct.

    she is at that age where she wants some security.... so my mind is running through defensive plays like this and not moving forward to the next and the next...

    i froze out....

    i left her at her place as i had another committment.

    she rang the next day saying that she couldn't play music with me and i would have to find someone else for the band but i had done nothing wrong.

    i still have her number and may hit her up for another 'date', coffee a few months.

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