So I picked up this Chinese girl in a bus, and got her contact. She’s a student at a campus nearby my school.

After a while (maybe weeks – I totally forgot I had her wechat aka the Chinese whatsapp) I sent a random text to her and she replied. It was summer vacation. She said she’s at home, in a nearby city, and she’s bored to death, to which I replied, obviously: come here and let’s have some fun!! Next thing she sent to me was a pic with her legs… I thought WOW let’s see where this is going.
So immediately after this she said something like she sent it by mistake hehehe and next message was a screenshot with the train ticket reservation…

Sure enough, next day at noon I went to pick her up. She’s a 6, a bit chubby but cute and she takes good care of herself. I was more curious than eager to do something. I was literally broke, my salary was a week late already. So she asked me where do we go? I said let’s have a walk around the lake, it’s really beautiful, to which she said: no I wanna have lunch, I know a nice restaurant near the lake (obviously very expensive). So we went there and as we sat at the table I just told her I didn’t have money to pay for that meal. To my surprise she said “Noooo it’s really no problem, everything’s on me, what do you want to eat?” Woohoo.. So after we ate she said she wanna go to a café-bar she knows, I said ok.

We get there and she orders a long island ice tea, again surprising me cause she said earlier she doesn’t drink alcohol. So we talk, I get near her, touch her, etc. and everything seems to go real smooth until I’m going for the kiss and she stops me. She says: You know, I’m a virgin and I wanna remain that way” – to which I said (with a little inspiration from the gin tonic I was drinking): Oh, that’s ok that you’re a virgin, then you can do this… and I kissed her… and she was good at it, something quite rare in China.

Then it got hotter, we moved to another room in a place without people, we started touching each other and the I did something bold and a bit risky (although it was really obvious she was very turned on): I took her hand and I put it on my Johnson, which by the time was in full shape. She was surprised and started stroking it but in the same time protesting that “I’m taking advantage of her” – I just told her, if you don’t like mr. johnny (just got the idea on the spot), take your hand off him… She was distracted by the joke and she asked me how come his name is mr. johnnny hahahahaha
We stayed there for a while, it was almost 3 in the afternoon, and I somehow convinced her (or better said she actually wanted but pretending to be a lady) to go and take a hotel room, for which, guess what? She was paying hehehehe.

When we got there, at the hotel, after entering the room I did another bold and risky thing: I closed (not locked) the room, and I looked her straight in the eyes and started taking my clothes off, which was even more interesting since I had a raging boner continuously all the way from that café-bar, taxi and hotel. She acted (best word for it) surprised to which I said (with very strong eye contact) “you were telling me you never saw a westerner naked, now’s your chance”

So she didn’t say anything after this, we jumped straight into bed, where she gave me an amazing BJ – pretty experienced for a virgin, fact which I was strongly doubting by that time.

So I couldn’t help myself and we did it. She was extremely turned on so when I took off her panties she actually helped me to do it  I realized she was really a virgin, but only the second time we did it when I saw some blood. By that time it was 5 in the afternoon. She kept on ranting about how I’m a liar and I took advantage of her and I just told her we can do it again, to which she just went quiet and didn’t say anything more, she just said that she was supposed to meet with a friend in the evening and invited me to go. I said I have stuff to do and I left.

Next day she contacts me and she says she has one more day to stay and she wants to treat me with dinner… I say YES obviously and after dinner I walk her back to her dorm but not before she gave another amazing BJ in the dark bushes of the campus. After that I left her and I went to a party haha.
Next day she contacted me again and treated me with lunch in a very nice fancy restaurant hehehehe… how lucky can you get?

I must mention the fact that by now I still didn’t know her name hehehe, she deleted me from wechat, I have no way of contacting her