My day started pretty boring, 2 beers, 1 shot, wasn't even 7 pm, 3 beers later I, my friend and our mutual friend HB8 (which I've hooked up with 3 months ago) decided to go to a restaurant, got 2 more beers, felt something yet was from from feeling intoxicated, which is pretty unusual since I'm known to get intoxicated with pretty much no effort what so ever, I noticed that he was interested in her, I disqualified myself with pretty much as much negs as I could think of, after more disqualifiers than I can count, I noticed that the HB8 was in to me even though I placed my self in a role of tag-along in order for my friend "to get lucky", I tried to get rid of her attention and erase the "false disqualifiers" from her mind and "fix" them into my motives - mission success. We decided to hit the club even though I wasn't really feeling it, the HB8 saw her ex and started dancing with him, he was pretty much an AFC (though I admired him for his courage when he introduced himself to us, which was pretty much out of the blue for me). There were some couches for us to sit down and for me to watch the drama go down (HB8 and her ex), the only thought going through my head was - SCORE! We sit down, 2 minutes after having a pretty dull conversation, he sees 4 girls dancing alone and says (playfully, without a single thought in his head that I'd actually do it) that I should go talk to them, I wasn't really "feeling it" so I thought I'd approach and just get blown right out, due to my lack of high energy and genuine interest in them, yet after my weak approach
-*walking to 1 of the girls and leaning towards her ear* hey, mind if I dance with you?
-*with a "genuine smile" in her face and playful tone which had some reek of her thinking that I'd just get blown out by the other 3 girls* sure, why not
I decided to introduce my self to the other girls and jumped right to the nearest 1 I could find which was a HB7, I didn't tell her my name for some reason, I saw that she was pretty friendly so I decided to dance with her a bit which lasted for about 30 seconds, I challenged her to a dance off, since she was pretty shy I said that I'm pretty shitty yet I'll show her my "moves" if she shows me hers right afterwards, we agreed and shook hands (our first Kino Escalation). I showed a complete lack of any dance style (I tried shuffling followed my doing some tango moves on her) - made myself look like a complete dork - mission success! She had no moves also so I didn't feel discouraged or anything of that nature, I said that I'm wondering if she's a better kisser than she is a dancer and leaned in for a kiss - mission success. I asked her for her name - got what I wanted, she asked me for mine, I said she'll have to guess, she guessed wrong, I acted offended, said that the music was too loud and that I want to hear a better answer where it's more quiet - she accepted, I isolated her from her friends, after her many failed attempts I introduced my self. My friend (who I came with) was sitting about 8 feet away from me talking to some guy, gave me a look of discourage and disbelief of what he was witnessing, she talked about exams and I told her that I'd grade her on how well she is at kissing (went for it again), I gave her a 7 and said that she has to work on it if she wants a perfect score, she was so into it I thought that I could of said anything and she'd still be into me, and since I'm a man who is known to take risks, I said that I'm cold, (I was wearing more wardrobe than she was), got one of her legs on me and said that I'm keeping it to remain warm, she asked if that was going to be enough, I felt challenged and said " I don't think so", got both of them on me and started making out with her again, leaving my friend with disbelief once more, we started a conversation to build some comfort which was working incredibly, her friend came and said that they have to leave soon (a.k.a c***blocker), I told her that I'll give her something to wish her sweet dreams - made out with her once more, her eyes told me were shouting at me - meet me again, yet my guts told me that that wouldn't be a wise decision since I'm not looking for anything serious at the moment (good guy Alergy for not giving her false hopes), she leaves - I go back to my friend, the HB8 and her ex, they look at me as if they'd witnessed something impossible and call me a player, my FRIEND tries to discourage me, I tell him that I feel no shame, the HB8 supports me and says that it's the way it "should be done", 10minutes later we decide to leave the club and we do as we'd decided

any opinions?