Hey guys, went out saturday night to some local bars. There were about 10 large mixed groups spread out in small bar. Finally find a two set to approach. Make the approach and determine through an opinion opener that both had boyfriends. I decided to keep up the conversation with one of the girls, HB9 who I seemed to jive with and was responsive to my kino, despite several attempts to roll me off and introduce me to her friend who was "in town for a night (hb7). My conversation kept her coming back. Hb9 introduces me to hb7, go back to talking to hb9. Out of nowhere the overly protective boyfriend (of the second 1/2 of the two set (HB6 at best)) starts getttin real aggressive. I wasnt even talking to his girl, but he is getting pissed because im talking to HB9 who has a boyfriend. I let it roll offa me by saying "is he always like this?" girls laugh and say hes very protective. AFC friend says things like "you're touching these girls and trying to sleep with them, i remember when before my balls dropped and I would do things like that". I said to him, congratulations on your balls dropping bro. HB9 decides to break the tension and push me away from the group, and when we're away, walks to the bar hoping i'll follow her. I do, because I didn't want to convey LDV to nearby sets. Talk briefly with HB9, she says it was very nice to meet me. I decide not to Number Close because I felt like that would be the classiest thing.

What, if anything would you guys have done differently?