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    Default Open for business

    Hey kidz, knowledge here.
    I'll try to be short, I'm new around here and i got something to share.

    Aight, here's the background:

    >21 y/o me, I just got back from this LTR with this awesome girl that cheated on me. Still was a little blue, but I'm glad I could experience life with this woman that made me learn and realize a lot about myself.

    So school's over, friend of mine asks me tongue in cheek if I wanna go to the strippers tonight.

    First thing : be cool with the bouncer, he's still the silent alpha of the place, and he's probably the coolest guy around after you.

    ** -- first indent : don't overtip like you don't know what's happening. I'm a barman, and being chill is waaay enough --better than flashing too much cash just because you're insecure people won't like you.

    Deux - Call your drinks, and relax. (Armaretto Sour for the curious)

    Aight so here we are near the stage drinking and having a blast, when strippers come around to catch our vibe (and maybe clients too). Now I will not fall in the conversations transcript, because I believe what is said is secondary to all of this. You just gotta know that a smile and sharp eyes are your greatest weapon with your vibe, stronger than any opener, escalation or magic combo-wombo you could use to sleep with a woman. Can't forget physical contact too, because touching a woman is something marvelous. There was this one girl who came to us at one point that I felt had something shining, sparking in her eyes.

    ** --
    I think it is very important for a man to know what turns him on about some women, and what about himself turns women on. It can only make you more confident, more attractive.

    Oh while we're on a parenthesis : many strippers (actually most babes) seem to lack confidence a little, even if they are gorgeous. I noticed that night that most dancers would look at them selves in the mirror with an anxious face while on stage, as if they were scared they weren't doing right. (that's actually something i told that sparkling-eyed girl, let's call her Woman for the rest of the time : she would be even more attractive if she KNEW she's attractive on stage, rather than asking herself if she is.)
    ** --

    Aight so night is going forward, and the more I talk to Woman, the more I realize she's awesome, you know she can be her true self, even in bra and panties in a man-filled club. That's my kind of hot. Time to close the bar, and you know it's on when you get her to talk about the awesomeness of sharing orgasms.

    >Her place

    All right, we made it that far, but now is the moment that separates boys from men. Physical contact built? Check. Feeling comfortable around her? Check. Feeling confident? You betcha. Light's out. Kisses going great. Lead from the kitchen to the bedroom? Got it. You genuinely want to touch and kiss her? Do it.

    Don't fear the first barrier. Don't hate it neither. All you want to do is share pleasure with her. You gotta make sure she's more eager to have sex than anxious about tomorrow morning. (But that's something you've worked on the whole night, not just at the end eh?) Tell her you want her. Tell her you want to satisfy her burning libido. Give her the first orgasm. Give her the second too.

    >Sexing greatness

    Morning was great too, that's pretty much the end for now.

    Lessons learned :

    - Confidence is the fucking key. Your vibe is great. You're great. You know it -- you don't have to tell everyone -- they already know.

    - As I was saying, just out of LTR, and I realized that we live to love, to be loved, to suffer and to make suffer. Things break, but humanity has the ability to build. Learn from your mistakes, and embrace them. What you live is what makes you.

    - A woman is a great thing.

    - I'm back in the game.

    Knowledge / n01edg3
    thanks for listening, now go out and be your awesome self.

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    Default Re: Open for business

    Hmm your story sounds like shit! No offense. I will tell you why?

    I owned a number of strippers and was getting paid a % from the Strip Club owner.

    1) You behaved as a typical client.
    2) Touching a Stripper is a NO NO .
    3) Girls are paid to talk about sharing orgasms.
    4) Getting her out of the club and in a taxi is equal to her being called a SLUT by the whole strip club the next day she comes to work.
    5) IF by a miracle your story is true I would like to know how much she charged you in the morning


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