lay report: Sexy Irish Bartender

Alright, I'm back with another fun experience to share. This time it's with an Irish girl that I met at some Irish Speak-easy that I go to sometimes.

I had a decent time with this girl and enjoyed the whole process with her. The reason I enjoyed it was because she was very respectful and really treated me nicely. She didn't have much insecurity and was very positive and 'real' about everything we talked about.

So the way I met her was pretty cut and dry. I basically just put my arm out and stopped her as she walked by. I was in somewhat of an apathetic mood because I just lost a Pool game, so I just went for it.

She willingly stopped and I asked her where she was from. She answered and I told her I wasn't from here. She asked me where I was from and I told her.

I noticed that she kept getting close to my face every time I leaned in close so she could hear me better. I went in again and she came forward, so I snagged a kiss and we immediately made out a bit intensely.

I suggested going back to my place, but she said she had to be at work in 5 hours. So I decided to just grab her contact info. I also mentioned I was leaving after I finished my beer. Everyone just stared at us as we did our thing for a minute or two longer. Eventually we walked toward to front of the bar where she introduced me to some fat guy that she worked with.

I started to get bored with the whole interaction, so told her I'll let her get back to her friends and contact her later. I did just that and left as soon as my beer was finished.

After I left I texted her my name when I got home, right before I fell asleep. She ended up texting me the next morning and told me it was nice meeting me.

A couple of days went by and she started randomly texting me; she made some comments about how she thought I was a good kisser. So I then suggested to meet up and she told me it had to be either the following Thursday or Saturday. Since I am always out on the weekends I decided to do Thurssay at 7.

Thursday comes up and I send her a follow up text, "Hey hope your week is going well. Looking forward to seeing you later today". She ends up cancelling and telling me her boss needs her to work for a Baseball game. So I swallowed my pride and told her, "Alright".

She texted me a couple of days later and tells me that she is still very interested, but legitimately had to work and asked to reschedule. So we rescheduled for the following week.

We met up at Times Square and there is a Pool Hall close by that I've taken girls before. We went and played pool for a couple of hours and had some beers. She probably drank 3 beers before she started behaving noticeably horny.

We had been kissing for a bit before that, but now she was grabbing on my arms and I could tell she was getting turned on more and more. So I then decided to suggest going back to my place to chill, watch 'Archer' and have some whine; which she agreed on.

We were also talking about acting before, which I have hardly any knowledge about, but I did describe something she liked (She went to school for acting by the way). I mentioned something about actors that can embrace the character and make it their own, opposed to actors that just play themselves. I knew I was on point, because after I finished talking she told me, "I so want to have sex with you right now".

When we were back at my place, I took my shoes off and put my computer on to start Archer on Amazon Prime. Then I went to the bathroom and came back to see her paying attention to the show.

I sat down with her and put my arm around her, then pulled her close for a kiss. Things escalated and she was on top of me. She dry-humped me and I started to get aroused.

I ended up unbuttoning her pants and took them off along with her shirt. She said she was self-conscious about her boobs, because one was slightly bigger than the other, but I really didn't notice. I laughed a moment, kissed her some more while I took my pants off.

I ended up dry-humping her in my boxers and when I was turned on enough I pulled her panties off and went in. I have to say that she had a very nice ass for a European girl. I wasn't expecting it, but it made the sex a much more pleasant experience. We ended up falling asleep after sex and we hooked-up again before she left in the morning.

She wasn't really that wild and somewhat conservative in what she liked to do, but a notch is a notch I suppose. Over-all, I probably won't hit her back for awhile, but I did like the view from behind, so who knows.

Well that's my Irish girl Field-report and feel free to share your own opinions. Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to add some inspiration for getting some action this weekend.

-PUA Redsky