“I could not become anything; neither good nor bad; neither a scoundrel nor an honest man; neither a hero nor an insect. And now I am eking out my days in my corner, taunting myself with the bitter and entirely useless consolation that an intelligent man cannot seriously become anything, that only a fool can become something.”

Neil Strauss was right. That statement there is arguably the truest allegory there is about the game.

Yesterday, being ladies night, me and my wing were out on the prowl.

Now, about my nightgame accomplice who is decidedly different from my daygame wing - he is six feet, shorter than I am, somewhat portly and dark. Neverthless, he has a fairly social job that once involved being a salesman in the middle east for Harley Davidson.

The key difference between the two of us is that he is intensely spontaneus while I am merely intense and calculating.

So much so that I was once nicknamed the great wall owing to a complete lack of expression on my visage.

Me and iceman as well as a friend who is a Russian specialist hit the most happening nightclub in the city. My friend had his contacts there and we were granted access. As an impromptu gig, some homeless bloke outside the club requested that we buy flowers as he had no sales that day . I wasn't very moved despite the tears in his eyes but decided to get the flowers anyway as it would act as a prop. He was also selling 'em cheap.

Deal struck and we enter the nightclub with no women in tow. It's swarming with people who seem to be having a good time. The crowd consists of couples and mixed groups with a few only girl sets. The degree of detail is too daunting for me as I decide to sarge sans alcohol.

Iceman on the other hand acts like this is territory and he is not too intimidated by the crowd. Neverthless, I approach a girl and exclaim loudly, "Oh my god! it's you, hotgurll 99." (courtesy: the layguide)

The girl seems puzzled and more so because I am expresionless, not depicting even the slightest hint of a smile and I tell her. "Aren't you hotgurl 99? we met on tinder remember? Girl still has this puzzled expression on her face and before she can answer...I say, "Cool. Keep the flowers anyway."

She mutters a thank you. Still wondering if I liked her or not.

I get back to out spot and Iceman decides to give it a shot. He comes back a while later with the flowers stating that she rejected him and he asked her to give the flowers back.

I am still not in my element. The bloke I call the Russian specialist, who is like a short - 5'6, dark dude with spiky hair spots a white mixed set. He ambles over with temerity that comes from a man who has done the drill countless times before. Talks to the guy and they are immediately all smiles.

Iceman seems to have found a table and the Russian specialist get the entire set over (The girls tell us that they are from Brooklyn, NYC). The girls are extremely friendly. I hand one of 'em the flowers and she seems flattered. She bends down to my seat (she has been standing) and asks me a a couple of questions. We do some shit talk and she can see that I am not that into her. I don't even try to exchange numbers.

In the meanwhile, the Russian specialist keeps the set engaged, whereas me and iceman excuse ourselves and head outside as iceman needs to smoke while I need to get out of the club. So we head outside and iceman spots this couple. He engages the guy who turns out to be some producer for short films. I initially ignore him and try to hook the girl but she does not seem interested. Iceman has better luck but she does not give him her number.

I candidly ask the producer guy (who acts nonchalant) if he is not worried about his girlfriend hooking up with someone else. He tells me that being that he does not own her, there is no point in being worried about something beyond his control. We shittalk and I tell him that I have co-directed a documentary myself. The bloke then tells me that if I have ever tried acting. I tell him that I have not and he tells me that I have a good face (his words and not mine) and should give it a shot. He adds no homo.

Overall, it was a disappointing outing. I should probably stick to daygame for the time being. Nightgame is a lot more unforgiving and even though I didn't push myself - it is something that I am not braced up for at the moment.

Things that I need to fix:
1) My vibe
2) Not fear rejections
3) Overcome being too in my head.
4) Work on my expressions

So yes, everything is back to ground zero. I am also given to understand that the mind can at times act as your biggest hindrance. While daygame is more forgiving, it is also less productive while nightgame requires that you succumb to the insanity of it all. There are no rules, only the means to communicate attraction in the most effective way possible.